Monday, August 25, 2014


So today - a little late in the day, I wanted to share 3 bits of NEWS with you…….

"Get Lost There", 24" x 24", Acrylic on Mixed Media

Ok….why is that big news?
Well….let me tell you. One….I painted it a little differently, and I although I am thrilled that it looks so freaking good -- one can never tell what people are gonna think!! So it was nice to get the validation!
The part that makes this an interesting story is that I waited for a month for the 'right person' to find it.
As I have said time and time again, I fully believe that each painting, each print, each piece I create, needs to find the right home. What makes this DOUBLY great, is that this client is a student working on her PHD and is therefore -- BROKE.
So we worked out a payment plan.
Yes….it will take over a year for me to get paid - and for the painting to finds its forever home……BUT…..think of how happy my client will be to finally have it!
For the cost of a few coffees a month, my client will own ART!!!!!
Let this be a lesson to all of you who tell me you 'can't afford' my work…..
YOU CAN. You really can!
It may take some time, but you CAN own original art!!
Don't be afraid to propose a payment plan to me…..I WANT you to have my work in your life!
And let's be honest - I have been rather fortunate -- so chances are, that piece you love will go to someone's home so…..SHOULDN'T IT BE YOURS???

#2 -- I am just finishing up some work on a commission….here is a photo IN PROGRESS. I cannot tell  you what this is for….but I can show you….it is about halfway there….
I think it will look swell when it is done!!
Say tuned for (fingers crossed) more info on this piece.
Why is THIS news?
Well, this is just a reminder that I would LOVE to work WITH you on a cool commissioned piece!
They are exciting and fulfilling - and often end in such happiness!!
Let's talk about a commission…..I have 3 on the drawing board currently…and the 4th COULD BE YOURS!!!


#3 -  I want to share these photos a client took of my prints in their home. They bought them last year (actually on 2 different occasions) and then realized they didn't fit the room...….so they repainted to MATCH MY WORK!!!! How novel of an idea is that!!!! FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!
Why is this news? Well….there is a lesson - surround yourself with things you love….not just 'things that match your couch'! C'mon people!!
Also, they then took them to my framer - who made them look even better…..and it took some more time to get that done….
These clients (who are really lovely BTW) WAITED to get the right thing - framed the right way.

I love that I got to see their final home too!!

So there you go….what a great way to start a Monday!
I have a busy week/month more commissions, and more new work to get ready for The Cabbagetown Show (see info here)… look for more news SOON!!!!!
Have a great week y'all!!

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