Friday, August 1, 2014


Hey guys!
As you may remember, I have been working with Spacing Magazine to sell my 'merch' at their events and pop ups. I donate work to their launches….and I really believe in this magazine!!!
I you don't know about them…..CLICK HERE!
If you don't know about my involvement with them, you can read old blog entires:

Anyways, they are in the last stages of getting a brand new retail space…..located here at 401 Richmand Street, Toronto:

But to do so, they need a little help! Here is what they say…..

This fall, Spacing Magazine will be moving in to a new storefront to bring a unique retail experience – Toronto’s first “city store”, a one-stop spot for products that celebrate Toronto and other Canadian cities.

Our new home at the arts and culture cluster 401 Richmond will also serve as the new offices for the magazine. Through our quarterly release parties, urbanism road trips, and numerous community events, Spacing has created a deep connection with our readers, and our new HQ will further foster this connection by opening our operations up to the public and create a new hub for engaging events for local urbanists.

Not only does the store allow us to create more funding for the magazine, but also gives us the opportunity to support independent designers by giving them a dedicated retail space and association with our established brand of civic-themed goods. This isn’t going to be another “made in China CN Tower keychain” tchotchke store, we will be having a curated selection of prints, clothing, books, home goods, and salvaged urban relics.

By contributing to our fundraising, you will be helping us to create and build this space and support some of our favourite designers in Toronto by providing extra funds we will use to stock the store with great products.

Ok….so how can YOU help?
Help them, and help yourself with their Crowd sourcing endeavour!

How fun are those buttons?
Just think of the help that Spacing Magazine will get from your purchase!
And in turn they support local artists like me!
So go and help them out today!
They appreciate it…..and so do I!!
Have a great weekend y'all!!!

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