Friday, August 9, 2013


Hey guys!
Finally the SCA Journal is out........

The Society for Commercial Architecture Journal is published twice a year, and recognizes unique 20th century commercial buildings and landscapes! It is full of really cool stuff. GREAT articles and photos that are super documentation of the architecture and signs and so on that I LOVE so much!
You can check out the SCA on Facebook HERE......or their website at

In this month's publication, Peter Glaser's column "Northern Roadsides" explores the things that we can be proud of and sad about when it comes to the history of Ontario Place:

A very enjoyable article that......WAIT.........IS THAT MY ART??
Oh yes, he also mentions my painting "Summer Fun":

And yes.......this original,  36" x 24" acrylic on board painting is STILL AVAILABLE!
It is also still available as a limited edition print! go and enjoy your weekend!!!!

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