Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I know, I know, it seems like I have forgotten you.
Fear not dear friends, I have not forsaken you.
It was my birthday last week, and just got over my birthday hangover just yesterday!
So to celebrate being able to hold my head up again, I would like to share NEW MERCH.
More specifically, I would like to share with you my BRAND NEW POSTCARDS.
Now those of you who follow my work and this chatty little blog, know that I currently have a line of postcards that I have been selling for the past 5 months.
If you don't…..why not??
HERE is a post about them….
They have been very successful for me, and I am so thrilled!
So, I thought I would expand my line of postcards….so you have more selection!
No….not a professional hand model…….
But just look at the 5 new beauties!!!
These cards are still only $3.00 each.
That is only THREE BONES!
DEAL….am I right???!!!
Each card is 4" x 6" in size, and is printed on LOVELY thick glossy paper stock -- and matte on the back -- so that you can actually USE IT to send to a friend!!
Now as you know, I am a guy who loves the details……some even claim I am a little OCD…..
So the back of each card has a design that coordinates with the theme on the front of the card…..
Get it? Now look here…..
Cabbagetown….on the front…..which has a cabbagey-victorian loveliness to it:

The back? JUST AS LOVELY! See my cabbage…..
I put a lot of love into these…..so that you may love them too!!!
Perfect as a gift or as gift to self…..
Send one - frame one…..whatever you like!!!
See them on my website…or buy them from ETSY….
Or wait until December - for my Christmas show…..
(details forthcoming!)
Ok….that is it……HAVE A GREAT WEEK y'all!!

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