Wednesday, October 1, 2014


It's Wednesday! WONDERFUL Wednesday!
So here are the five things that I love this week, that I want YOU to love.

1.) I like to start with art…..(It appears I like to rhyme as well!) THESE are spectacular. I love love love them soooooooo much. Stephanie K. Clark is based in Salt Lake City and is SUPER TALENTED! Just look at these:

I love how beautiful the embroidery is on this.
I also love Stephanie's use of negative space…...

Please show her some support……on her site.
Or check out her blog HERE!
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2.) Let's go to the Palace of Versailles!!!!! Why now? No special reason…..but it has some extra coolness right now as it gets a spectacular interior/exterior renovation. Artist Pierre Delve has created a great mural that hides the restoration until its completion in March 2015. The artistic undertaking sees the historic site team up with french luxury fashion house Dior once again, furthering their collaboration and creative exchange which dates back to 1947.

Look at ‘to all the glories of france’, isn't it beautiful? The huge trompe-l’oeil artwork mural goes across the chateau’s entire facade. There are also photographs of Dior’s past and current designs in a setting of stone and greenery and appear as a window, to which viewers can peer within the royal court onto the gardens.
Let's G-O!

3.) Retro Fabulous. You know I am addicted…..maybe not as addicted as Charles Phoenix.

"Charles is a performer, humorist, chef and author. In his live shows, videos, media appearances and books, the self-proclaimed “retro daddy” explores America’s classic and kitschy pop cultural past and present, and predicts retro-inspired future trends. Fans enjoy his unique spin and genuine reverence for all things Americana, trust his guide to attractions from coast to coast.

Charles has shared his vintage images and culinary creations on TV with Conan and Martha Stewart and is often heard on National Public Radio. Los Angeles Times says “Call him the King of Retro”, and LA WEEKLY anointed him “Kodachrome King”.

Exuding the joy of life and exuberant enthusiasm, He encourages people to “get in touch your inner Americana, embrace it, have a sense of humor about it, and proudly share it with the whole wide world.”

Now…..friends…..I want you to GO TO HIS SITE.
Sadly, I may never have a chance to see his big retro slide shows……
BUT I can enjoy the spectacularly kitschy recipes from the Test Kitchen… this cake…..

OR THIS…which is older….but still so crazy and wonderful…...

and read his blog……like him on the Book of Face, and his tweets!!

4.) I don't drink a lot of soda…..unless it is with vodka….but I like this……,Dijangin has designed a product called ‘sodavalve’ to ease the process of opening and closing a bottle….I know it sounds crazy…….but just look at these:

Are these adorable? Mayvbe adorable isn't the word?? But I really like them!
Here is how they explain the function…..
"the simple act of twisting the cap of a bottle can be a difficult task. As you place your fingertips around its edge and feel each of the individual ridges embedded into its plastic surface, you twist and try to break the seal, hoping that the liquids won’t burst out from the top. If it doesn’t open, you annoyingly repeat the action with more force and aggression until your skin ends up being irritated and you have to ask a friend for help."

But wait, there's more………it also doubles as a cup.

This is from DesignBoom…..

5.) Bill Hader is wonderful. Conan is also fantastic…..I leave you with this….

Or go HERE for the WHOLE CLIP! (iPhone peeps!)

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