Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Here are 5 things I want you to love this week….
OH….also….I want to ESPECIALLY thank husband for his continuing contributions to this weekly post (that I evidently do NOT credit him with enough).

1.) There is something hypnotic and stunning about Impossible Bottles…..a series of animated gifs by Berlin based illustrator/animator Rafael Varona….just look at these:

See more at
See more from Rafael at

(thanks to The Verge for being so cool!)

2.) Got some time to waste?? Well I give you…...Fruit Ninja….GHOSTBUSTERS SPECIAL EDITION!!!! I am SOOOOOO addicted to this right now……
(see this LINK if the link above doesn't play!!!)
Go download it….NOW!
F - U-- N!!!

3.) …and speaking of nerdy pursuits…….I CAN'T WAIT for Tomorrowland. Yes… is still MONTHS away….but I have been looking forward to this one….just look at this promotional material:
…and I have been salivating looking at the retro-sets that they have been "building":

and the ACTUAL future-y locations that they filmed (like"The city of the arts and the sciences". The filming will begin this afternoon in Spain):

And then…….just look at this teaser trailer:
Looking forward to this one!!!

4.) Jerk balloons. These are perfect!!!! Shauna Luedtke has created these wonderfully jerky latex balloons…….they come as a set of 25 with five different designs….featuring typefaces by Neil Summerour, Ale Paul, Stephen Rapp, and Mark Simonson. Fill them air or helium or with water -- for an extra treat! ;-)

Buy your set at

5.) Thanks John Oliver for this….it made me laugh…..and I am not a huge animal lover………it is really good…….If you are not watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - you are seriously missing out!!!!
go HERE for video - if it doesn't work!
(Extra thanks Cindy and Dale for this one!)

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