Monday, October 6, 2014

STREETCAR GICLEE, UPSIZED -- and a new painting too!

So, you know me. You know my mission with my fine art career has always been to create work that makes people happy - that says something about the world  - and that catalogues the imagery of the world we live in. I have been really fortunate that my work has been so well received, and that my fine art (after 10 years) is in a lot of great collections. It has increased in value - which makes some of the work a little cost prohibitive for everyone.
Now. Let's get to the other part of my career. Since this is my full time gig - and I can't rely on another income (like teaching or lawyering or whatever) to help me pay my bills, I decided to make a few 'products' that help supplement my original art income. Truthfully, I struggled with it for 8 years. But then I realized that EVERYONE should be able to have something of mine in their house…
(If they want it/cannot afford it!)
I started my giclèes as an answer to that.
So here is my advise, dear friends…...

Honestly, you will be happier if you have things around you that support local talents, and the feed your soul - not just the deep pockets of a greedy corporation!

Ok….so as my further commitment to produce affordable art, I am NOW doing a couple of LARGER giclèe prints, stretched on canvas!

First I did this robot:
"Outta this World"
This guy can be a 30" x 40"! (BIG) I then paint on top of it….and stretch it on a frame….
It is $500.00 (which is basically less than a 1/4 of the original retail price!)
But NOW  I want you to see the newest large scale giclèe……..

I made this giclee on canvas for a client, and I LOVE IT!

The "Evolution of the Streetcar" giclèe is 36" x 48" (WHICH IS ENORMOUS!!!!!)
and it is only $600! (which is less than 1/4 of the price of the original!)

1. It is HUGE - so it has real presence in a space!
2. It looks GREAT! I am a very 'particular' person - so it's gotta look good to have my signature!!
3. There is a VERY limited run - only 5-10 of these - depending on the response I get!
4. It is still original - let's face it, it is not like ANYTHING you will see at a major retailer! or at a
    friends house!
5. You are gonna love it!!!!! I PROMISE!

So, if you are interested in this big boy.
Just email me…. and I will order one for you.

But if you want art that there will ONLY be one of…..
I just finished this little 12" x 12" for the Ottawa Art Expo:

"My Way or the Highway", 12"x12", Acrylic on Canvas, $275.00
So….what do you think of that one??
I would also be happy to sell it to you TODAY!
I have more new work to show……so keep tuned in!
(and remember you can subscribe to this blog so that it comes to your inbox - in the column to the right at the top of the page!)
Ok….that's it!!!
Have a great week y'all!!


  1. Very interesting choice of Ottawa art - I know that overpass :). Can't wait to see what else you've come up with since our Ottawa discussion a couple of weeks ago!

  2. Thanks Mary! Just wait 'till you see the big Ottawa "poster" I am working on….it is a nice one! :-)

  3. I am looking forward to the surprise :). You may sell another one lol. Ottawa was beautiful on weekend and I chose all my condo finishes plus they had a modified floor plan that recombined the water closet and shower area into one to give me a bigger walk in closet and bigger bedroom, so I took it as they said same price. I will still find a great place for the prints :).

  4. That sounds terrific!!! I am glad your condo is coming together!!! Only a few months more…..