Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday -- here are the 5 things that I want you to LOVE this week!!!

1.) Normally I am not drawn to pottery…..but THESE caught my attention! This is the ceramic work of London-based Chilean artist Livia Marin (from her series titled Nomad Patterns) AH-MAH-ZING!
Here are some of the SPLENDID pieces….

YOU MUST go check out
Great stuff!!!!

2.) Another great reason to go to NYC…..(like I need another reason - am I right??) The Museum of Natural History now has an ADULT sleepover!!!!!

For the first time….."A limited number of 21-years-and-up guests will be able to enjoy a more sophisticated version of the popular event at A Night at the Museum for Grown-Ups, which will feature special guided tours, food, music, drinks, and behind-the-scenes access. The event will last from 6:30 p.m. until 9 a.m. the next morning."

COME ON!!! How fun would this be??
So the first one is done - but I am sure it was a super success and maybe in the future I could do it too!!!
Let's go!

3.) Let's talk colour……you know it is a HUGE part of my life……..But it is a part of all of our lives in SO MANY ways…….these TWO blogs are super interesting….they show you how your favourite movies use colour in scenes….it is AMAZING!
First…..Wes Anderson is miraculous as a film maker, his attention to detail is REMARKABLE…I love how breaks his palette down….

LOVE IT!!! Go to for more more more!!!
If you are looking for non-Wes palettes……try

SUPER COOL, huh???
(thanks Warren)

4.) Who's hungry???? These are NOT for my veggie friends……but… has some interesting chip flavours!!

Then there is this one…..not too interested in it myself…..but some of you may enjoy them….

Go to Mackiescrisp to learn more!!

5.) She is a legend, and I honestly hope she makes a miraculous recovery….to send her positive vibes….(and because she is SUPER FUNNY!) I want you to watch a couple episodes of her web chat show In Bed with Joan….

Here is a clip…..with my new guilty pleasure Billy Eichner….

(iPhoners try this LINK)

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