Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!!
Here are the 5 things I want you to LOVE this week!!!
Check these out:

1.) José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros’ latest works which just showed at La Luz De Jesus Gallery are still amazing! I love seeing Disney characters doing very unDisney-like things. Uncouth, corrupt and compromising Disney Princesses, Princes, Villians and Mickey et al are featured in "Profanity Pop".

“With Profanity Pop, Rodolfo pays tribute to specific historical works that have inspired many generations. Universal themes are once again narrated by beloved animated characters, but in the guise of the divine and with all the fragility of martyrs. Away from the paradise of happy endings, the pastel sprinkled drama takes on a vulnerability that juxtaposes subversively with situations never similarly interpreted. The Monarchy of prejudices and taboos crumble in this story. The disenfranchised reach beyond discrimination, and in this narrative no union is sinful or suppressed.”
Below are the paintings photographed from the actual exhibit at La Luz De Jesus Gallery.

So great.
Check out  La Luz De Jesus Gallery
and of course go to José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros’ site too!!!

2.) The 'Noke' from FŪZ Designs looks like a supper cool padlock!!!! I need it!!!

No you b*tches…..not for the gym…..just cause it is cool!!!
You use air the Noke lock with your phone using bluetooth and their app. When your phone is in range (you can also generate guest keys for friends etc...), just press the shackle and it will unlock. You don’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket to unlock!!!!!!!!


And if there is a  battery failure (most likely your phone because Noke has a year long battery), you can also program a Quick-Click code to unlock it.
Go to  Fuz Designs to see more!!!

3.) I WANT TO GO TO THERE……..The Flederhaus is an awesome structure in Vienna designed by architects Heri & Salli….

It is for hanging out - LITERALLY!!!!!! The open building, situated in the Museum Quarter of the city, houses 28 hammocks on 5 floors that offer great views to one and all at no cost. The inviting hammocks are arranged to allow for meeting and interacting with neighbours.

HONESTLY!!! How great is this??

Let's go!
(thanks to

4.) I posted about this one in March of last year, but they swung by my booth at The Cabbagetown show and bought this print…..

So I thought I would mention them AGAIN!!! Rashers. an amazing little eatery in Leslieville is delightful for a takeaway nosh!! (If you LOOOVE some bacon, like I love bacon.)

I have been in a number of times this year and have had the bacon sliders, the Brioche and a few of the grilled cheese sammies!!


A snippet of the menu!!

I like the "wall of bacon" GO SEE MY PIECE HANGIN HERE!!!!

You should go! AND give a little 'like' to them on Twitter and Facebook too!!!
(and thanks for the support guys!)

5.) I leave you with this…….I cannot help but watch it over and over again…..I think it is the elaborate score!!!!
Thanks Cindy for this!

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