Monday, September 1, 2014


Hello all and happy September!!!!
I wanted to start off FIRST by mentioning this:
Cabbagetown…is THIS UPCOMING WEEKEND!!!!
For more info and maps and stuff…..GO HERE…..

Ok….onto my latest VV BOUTIQUE trip…..
This ceramic Eeyore is perfect from someone in your life!
Who doesn't like a decorative piece of ass.
UGH. SORRY! (Evidently it is gonna be one of THOSE posts! ;-)

Knowing that Labour Day was the next day, Wanda decided that she should jetteson her
white strappy sandals, right there in amongst the glass pickle plates. 
SORRY FOLKS….I already bought this one -- I was looking to finish the set!
It is from the 'alone-again-on-a-Saturday-night' commeorative glassware collection.
WHAT IS THIS???? My guess:
a 'personal massaging tool' for Elephants?
This ART has all the hallmark items that all great art has:
motherboard - check
red yarn - check
cat hairballs - check
Next stop - AGO.
The 'others' display helped me discover a new phrase.
"You're more useless than a shelf of brass doorknobs!"
Try it out today!
That adult in this photo was not impressed by me taking photos of HIS kids…..
then again, I was unimpressed that his children could not put away their toys…..
………who is really to blame here??
Poor Justin. As much as I feel like he is a cautionary tale,
I DO NOT think that it is the same as a bedtime
IT'S A WINE FRIDGE!!!! Can you believe it???????
Although, I imagine it will be bought and used for bathtub moonshine……and cured racoon meat.
Let me save you from reading these…I have the answers below:
Because they are sick of you telling them what to do.
Oh yes.
It depends who you are asking!
Why??? What have you heard?? IS IT HOT IN HERE? I hate you!
Because it is easier than actually fixing things (aka because they are lazy)
Exiting the plane from your Honeymoon. DUH.

"Mini lifestyle kits - small boxes of pleasure"
 Must……resist……tacky joke…..ACK…...
These are the fronts of the 'small boxes of pleasure'.  Looks like their pleasure is:
an 'emergency' nail kit, a pocket pop art game, and a cure for coping with stress!
"ok… Taylor, pick any toy you like….
a stuffed Ernie,  a guitar, a Scrabble Junior game, or a las vegas pina colada yard of booze…..
What happens in the VV STAYS in the VV??
"You sunk my sea battle vehicle."
Just not the same ring to that...
Also called Chlamydia: the Board Game.
Honestly - there was NO art direction in this photo.
Yes…'s 5 dwarfs passed out around a jug of hooch.
Looks like it was a rough morning at the annual Value Village Gnome kegger! 
Mary-Jayne and Polly wanted to call this album
 'Waiting for a letter from our parents that abandoned us as children'
- but decided it may not be cheery enough.
It's a REAL Gucci handbag in the glass case this week!!!!!!!!
It is real…..right???

Ah yes. This carved coconut……is your Dick's Last Resort.
There are only 7 of these……so get them while you can.
They are Easter Island Kleenex holders!
No joke needed! 
I wanted this!!!! Just so I could get a DJ name…
DJ Crazy Crox….
There you go…..some thins I think you might want from V.V. this week - but get there QUICK!!!
Have a good holiday Monday folks!!

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