Monday, April 13, 2015

ROBOT ATTACK -- the commission!!!!

Howdy folks!
Happy Monday!
Okay, so I finally have something new to show you!!!!!
I have been working like crazy on this piece for the last 2 weeks to get it done.
It is a commission. (YAY! Making headway on my commission list - 1 down 6 to go!!)
So, this client saw me at the Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Show in September of 2014.

(read more about that show HERE)
So anyways......he saw this print.......
These limited edition giclees are still available as 8 x 10's, 16 x 20's or 24" x 30"
and loved the print.....but wanted the original - which was thankfully available.....
He also LOVED this BIG painting:
"Evolution of the Streetcar" (which is still available)
(and also available as a print)
 and this guy.....the original of which is hanging in my house. (I painted it specifically for myself!) But was willing to part with it.....for the right client!
Available as a print....obviously! :-)
So I took all three to his home to try them out.
UNFORTUNATELY the one that worked the best was "Robot Attack" -- and it was just waaaaaay too small for his space:

LUCKILY, I am the kind of guy who can make magical things happen.
We set out to do a commission - the same basic painting - BUT LARGER.....and with a few alterations -- which is a new concept for me --as I NEVER paint the same thing twice!

BUT then, without warning - tragedy stuck my family like a freight truck and I spent the next 4 months away from my February I called him and promised that I was back and would have his commission DONE by March.....alas......

What I didn't realize, was that after a life changing loss, it takes a long while to get your "artistic mojo" back......finally in mid-March I got some drawings together for him....

It was a 48" x 60" painting instead of a 24" x 30" painting......HERE is the start of it....

It took a number of drawings to get it right - and a lot of erasing on the canvas....I became a crazy perfectionist on this one.......As you can see, I kept the robot and I took his request of adding Toronto scenery behind him, instead of the general city backdrop that he had before. I figured that that alone and the size difference, made it different enough for me to feel comfortable.
Here was a photo from the mid way point.....

Now, when I tell you my Mojo was out of whack - I really mean it!
I repainted this part of it 4 - COUNT THEM - FOUR times!!!!
That is completely unusual for me. I just wanted it to be perfect, because I had made him wait so long! But then 2 weeks, and multiple coats of paint later....I had THIS (click to en-biggen it! :)

I am so happy with it.
There are a number of changes to the original - I put more of my clients colours in it, I changed the blueprint completely, I changed the postcard and the tags slightly, and of course the poster part was different too! There are also a couple little surprises in it make it personal for my client!
So tonight - he travels to his new home.....I will try to get a photo for you!
So there you go.....after a 6 month wait, this client is about to get EXACTLY what he wanted!
Think about it commissioning me to do something special just for YOU!
I do them all the time, and the result is ALWAYS great!
I usually only add a small fee (for the extra meetings a work involved) for custom works!
And if you are WORRIED -- YES - the timeline for your custom artwork will be much better - as my regular turnaround is 3 weeks.....
The advantages are clear. 
The right size - the right colour - the right words and imagery FOR YOU!!
How great would that be?
Email me ANYTIME with your request and we can chat about it!




  1. Awesome work as always! Really sorry to hear you had a tough family situation, hope you are doing okay. Glad to see your mojo is back in full force :-)

  2. Thanks Katherine!! I appreciate that! :-)