Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Since I am substituting this weeks Wonderful Wednesday with something FUN, I thought I needed a new title for my Value Village posts. The truth is, I am not always finding the bargains at The VV Boutique. Sometimes, I find them at an antique the Target......

....better for ME?
I am so tired of the Heterosexual agenda!!!!

Okay.....I agree with half of this sign......
(and it's most-def not the BEEF part!)
These are from a Flea Market in Georgetown, in Washington.......
The sheer number of this series I have seen at flea markets/bargain stores would indicate quite the opposite of it's name!
May I suggest "Not-so Precious Moments"?

There are all the major styles of Fine Art.
There's portraiture, botanicals, landscapes,
and of course beer signage.
Ant then there are these......Occupational Illustrations.
Yes, that's a homeless guy dentist and a street urchin cobbler in the piece in the foreground...
can you name the other professions? 

Nothing says flea market, like a creepy child bride dolly.
Then from Dollies to Doilies.....'s a LOT of doillies!

New from the House of Ivana...
Admittedly, I put a LOT of thought into what I may look like in this.....

Um. I am honestly trying to find something to say about this.....
anyone else wanna take a crack?
oh...I also saw this.........

Ariel isn't the brightest mermaid in the kingdom......
UNLESS.......her job has something to do with one of these things.....(yes, I Googled "preformer")....

and finally...these are from the VV Boutique on Queen East in Toronto:
Now...I don't know nuthin' about it now a sporting event??
Like the 20 metre cross drag.....or the 'The Father, the Son, and the Holy Goal'?
P.S. this purple plastic Jesus has flashing LED lights......GET IT FAST - this will surely go!

This game is a huge hit for kids.....they ask for it by name!!!
Go ahead, try to get them to say the name.....go on....

That's right ladies, "my little home" perfect for training young independent women in the art of
keeping a nice home for their husbands.

I will never again trust my jewels in the hotel safe!

The Dixie Chicks are looking rough these days!
No no - it's the newest hairstyle for modern ladies called 'walk of shame, 8am'...although I just call it "The Miley".

"Who will be the master dragonologist?"
REALLY? It should read:
"Who will be the dateless master bater?"

I just loved the tagline "bringing you dolls of irresistible value"....
what does that even MEAN???

Hoser ceramics!!!

Needlepoint and wig wearing...go together like cats and spinsters.

Also the name of a Gay bar?!
You're welcome!!!!

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