Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Here are the 5 things I want you to LOVE this week.....

1.) Remember when I went to Washington??? Well....if you find yourself there, find yourself in The Cakeroom. Here's why.....

CUTE PLACE, huh??? It has Rooster wallpaper.....and pink gingham too!!

Not as cute....this cake creeper.
YUUUMMMM!!!! Pineapple cake and chocolate mouse cake.
The checkroom goods were so good.....that this happened...

Yup. So that happened.
But don't let my creepy eating keep you away from The Cakeroom in Washington.

The CakeRoom Bakery
2006 18th Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20009, Tel: +1 (202) 450–446
Give them a little like at

2.) Judge John Hodgman Podcast. Have you ever had a beef with a friend or loved one and wished you had an intermediarry to help you sort it out? THIS IS YOUR HILARIOUS podcast:

You will not regret - and in fact will THOROUGHLY enjoy adding this podcast to your regular listening agenda!!
Go for a laugh....and learn about other peoples biz-ness!!
Again.....go here (or to iTunes)

3.) I like is really enjoyable illustration work:

Created by Houston-based hair clinic Mosaic Clinic Hair Transplant Center, the infographic above shows the iconic hairstyles of famous pop culture characters.

4.) lately, I have been doing a lot of travelling - why - right NOW I am actually in Las Vegas. That is why I think that I NEEEEED this:

Successfully funded on kickstarter, Fugu is the travel brand of Anyvention, an invention company which specializes in simple solutions for common needs. FUGU gives everyone the choice on how they wish to travel! Are you a light packer or heavy *I ADMIT IT, I AM HEAVY - all those bowties take up a lot of space! Fugu is meant to be the first of many other practical travel products, which Anyvention is hoping will make everyone’s life easier in the short and long term.

Fugu Luggage is now available for pre-order at special reduced prices.
See how it works in this video:

NOW GO GET Fugu Luggage here! And buy one for MEEEEE!

5.) DJ DANCE PARTY. This made me happy in a big way!!! Honestly, if this doesn't cheer you up...nothing have a heart of stone......

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