Saturday, March 28, 2015


Good day! This is a big blog post for me. It is #600! HUZZAH!!!! here is the a regular reader, you know that I strive to produce 3 blog entries a week -- Once a week, a post is about me - and my shows/art, then a Wonderful Wednesday post, and finally a fun post (like a Value Village post).

But I can't seem to keep up with producing my commisssons and my regular work plus all my upcoming outdoor and indoor I have decided to only commit to 2 posts a week.....

My weekly #WW is great, and I have mentioned almost 1000 interesting people, places, and things....that have nothing to do with me, or my art. There is so much great stuff in the world, and I wanna keep sharing the things that deserve the attention.....
BUT here is the #WW takes me about 4 hours each week!

It equates to almost 800 HOURS of research and writing in five years.
You know what I can do with that kind of time? I could paint for 100 days straight with that time!

So the solution is to blog bi-weekly with my Wonderful Wednesday posts!
On opposite weeks, I will post something fun like my Value Village posts.
That makes for 1/2 the amount of work.....but don't worry! You won't have time to miss me!
I will use my FACEBOOK page:

and Instagram account:

I will try to use them MORE for sharing original content....quick simple posts.
For example, maybe I won't save up my Value Village finds, or maybe I will talk about something else I love in a's gonna save a BOATLOAD of time for me! ;-)

You will hardly notice the change.....but for me, I will save a whole day of work a week!
Time that I can focus on painting and stuff!
What do you think?
You know, I do LOVE to hear from you!

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