Monday, March 23, 2015

VALUE VILLAGE......and more........PART DEUX

Hey guys!
NOW DONT GET USED to having a this frequently.......but since I am away upon vacation, enjoying my time away from my computer, I thought I could give you a little something that might cheer up your morning.......enjoy:

"Hey Sam, wanna come over and play my pocket organ?"
Janice was sure that her necklace and hat matched her outfit.
Oh Janice.

NEW from the Grandma shut-in Barbie dream house collection

All I could think of with this is....

(if that didn't work try HERE!

Honestly, I had to re-write this a million times....because it just came off TOO RACIST AND TERRIBLE.
So I will just give you the middle of each my 3 terrible ERASED comments:
Susan Aglukark
Patty Labelle bowlcut
House of Bob Mackietoogook
This will look lovely with your other roadkill accessories such as that lovely pair of groundhog sandals.. 

The Courtney Love Doll-- perfect for your little girl!
Just pull the string and she screams out "I'm strung out!"

I know it is painted leather......but that is IT!!!

..and all you do is snap back the Blue Jay's head with your hands, and shove birdseed down the throat...
It's not nearly as violent as it sounds!!
I am always curious about the special items selected for the 'BEHIND the cases' area.
Evidently slipping off your purple snowflake fake-Uggs, and gold lame diaper bag to have a hot lavender bath is the ultimate night of LUXURY!!!!

Nothing says 'I love you ' quite like the blank faces of child puppets.

MORE DOGS! I kid you not!!!

THIS MAKES #6 of the series!!!

This little lady is very Cher (turn back time) meets Whitney (I wanna Dance with Somebody) meets
Phil Spector meets Little House on the Prairie.
YESSSSSS...I wanted that hair in the 80's!

Thanks to Michelle for sending me these photos she took at the Value Village......PLEASE keep sending them in.......It saves me a bunch of work!!!!
(BTW you can read Michelle's blog HERE......or her tweets)

Who is this game for? Ages 6 and up?
Great for you and your slightly molest-y family members? I really want the 'stranger than fiction' sex facts???

I am sure this is gone already. Michelle? Did you buy it???
"Team Snooki" - a much better name than the original suggestion of "Team Orange Herpes"
Free with purchase......the last remaining meal from Betty's child slave labour?
Or is it just baked on rat crap - you tell me!
"Larry craps in the woods of England"
also in this collection of fine figurines "Curly murders a chipmunk" and
"Mo gets intimate with a tree knot". 

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