Wednesday, March 4, 2015


After MONTHS away, I give you Wonderful Wednesday!!!!! are 5 things I love this week!
Sometimes these things are NEW NEW NEW and sometimes - these 5 things are just new to me, and I need to share them!
So, if they aren't new to you......sorry you're so DAMN informed.....GEESH!
(yikes - already a bit aggressive in this post...Buckle up!!!)

1.) Okay, it in NO SECRET that lately I have been feeling a bit down, and I have been looking for laughs in my television schedge (schedule in hipster). Unfortunately, "The Big Bang Theory", "Mom" and "Looking" have all had dead parent sub-plots THIS MONTH......and let's face it, there are NOT a lot of laughs on "The Walking Dead"....that is why I thank the Lord for:

Broad City. Season so G.D. good!!!!!!!!

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are brilliantly funny! You must must MUST watch this show. It is so offensive and wonderful!!!!!  Catch up by watching it on demand - or on MUCH!
Here's a sneak peak of the (almost over) second season:
Big laughs.....EXACTLY what I am looking for!
NOT FOR KIDS. Seriously, yo.

2.) Remember when you were a kid, and your folks would take you to the Marks and Spencer store in the mall, and you would store is so boring (yes, a lot of that had to do with being a 7 year old in ANY store that didn't sell toys).....BUT THIS IS NOT YOUR MOMMA'S MARKS AND SPENCER! I give you these MUST HAVE socks from M&S (yes....that is the new name...hip...right?):
(that was a squeal of joy - I got a set for Xmas, and I cannot wear them enough!)
Thanks Mark and Jeff and Marks and Spencer.
Go order something from them shipping to the Colony!

3.) Have you missed my reviews of pancakes? Have you? Well last week I had some yummy brunch at Cafè Fiorentina......'s small.....but the food was were the sweet treats we took home!!! Try them for dinner or lunch or YUM YUM brunch!
 Here are more deets:

Check them out on
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4.) ....and now for something ART-Y........Melissa Arendt has delightful work that brings a smile to my face. It is nicely designed and DRAWN and painted and such!!!!! Go and check her art are a couple that grabbed my eyes.......

Check her site HERE...
Like her on the Book of Faces 
and buy her work!!! DO IT!

5.) FINALLY........this is so great. I LOVE Conan, and I also love Billy is why....

(or go HERE if this didn't work)

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