Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This post is late.....sorry folks!! It is a BUSY time for me! I am working on an EPIC mural in a nursery - I will post pictures later in the week!!!! that I am re-reading this post, it seems to be a post all about the "-y" party game.......take a drink of holiday schnapps each time I add a  'y' onto the end of  word:

1.) Ok.....I know what you are thinking..... Rob, enough with the GD Muppets already!!!! You are getting a bit stalker-y about them. But, I had to share these with you. They combine 2 of my favorite things.....Muppets and CAKE!! CAAAAAAAAAKE! This lady is a SUPER-FANTASTICO baker! Check out these "Muppet Pops"! AND be sure to check out all the other cool stuff on her blog!! (Thanks for finding this one Cindy!!)

2.) Sketch Glasses. Ok, if you know me, you know I have several pairs of glasses. No......not in an Elton John kind of way....ok.......maybe a bit Elton-y!! But check these cool designs for specs by masaki komoto  

3.) Here's the thing. I want to be frank. I am not a fan of the Mayor if Toronto. I do not want to be negative in my blog...and like my momma used to say "if you can't say anything nice........" so before I get all preach-y and political-y I will let these photos speak for themselves!!! Here he is at a football game......
YES. THIS IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

not AS real........mostly......

the nutcracker

you're a good man.......

no comment

A brain, a home, a heart, the nerve.

Can an ice hockey rink crack??

4.)This one is for Lisa and Lucy (and also for Mark B) I give you.....the Disney Princesses:

See more of these here!!

5.) To leave you with another bit of happiness........I give you the gift of Lenka:

Check out her site at:'

There you go!
I hope you enjoyed these 5 fun things!!!!!!!!
(Sorry it was so late today!)
Later gaters!

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  1. Love the muppets and the magazines! Thanks for thinking of the girls!