Friday, January 10, 2014


Yes…time again for a little introspection.
Do I have the time for this? NO!!!! I have a BIG SHOW opening in 6 weeks from now. YEOWSA!
But more about The Artist Project in a couple days…...
Until then, let's see what happened for me last year….I know it sound like bragging - but don't think of it like that! Think of it as me 'taking stock' of a kinda BRUTAL year in art!
So…let's get to it……..
What was so great about last year????

1)     I created about 50 new original artworks….a little down from last year! Generally, I was happy
        with my "artistic direction" for the year…..especially considering how much time went to creating
        smaller affordable pieces like these:

       If I added all of these to my list of completed works….I could claim to have created an additional
       33 pieces of art!
       So that would bring my numbers up to over 80!
       THAT SOUNDS MORE IMPRESSIVE!! Ok - let's go with that!!!
       PLUS……I also spent a great deal of time in production with my prints and giclees…...

2)     Not only did I develop a line of 6 heat transfer prints, but I also created a series of TWELVE
        limited edition giclèes! I even developed some bags too!! THAT IS CRAZY!!! The prints have
        been a great success so far, and I continue to produce them - and add to my inventory of
        reproductions! I have 2 sizes available, and am looking forward to adding MORE soon!
        Now…the numbers are harder to count…..but it looks like last year, I was able to move about 100
        reproductions in varying sized last year! Which is really great!!!!

         or on my ETSY site!

3)     Now the prints are hard to keep an exact inventory of because I was able to solidify my
        partnership with Spacing Magazine! I LOVE SPACING!!  
        If you don't know them.......READ THIS
       blog post...….and check them out at Spacing Magazine.
       Not only do they carry my prints online:

      But they also showcased them at both WOTS and at Christmas in a POP-UP SHOP
So weird to see them all together in a line. I LOVE IT!

        I hope 2014 prints more with me and Spacing!!!!!!

4)     Speaking of press…...I was THRILLED with the press from this year!
        Not only was my work on BOTH covers…..

      But Neighbourhood Living included a FOUR PAGE spread all about me and my illustrious art 
      career! It is a really enjoyable article writen by Tracey Coveart. (more of her writing HERE)
      Read the whole story HERE.

       ……now that seems like enough press right?? Well then there was these:
        - Check out this LINK to (Thanks Richard Silver/Jackie Marchildon)
        -  A fantastic mosaic artist and aspiring writer wrote a GREAT little piece about me! Check out 
            Natalie at
       -  mentioned on 3 other blogs last year including the Grid and Blog T.O!!
       -  Peter Glaser's column "Northern Roadsides" explored the history of Ontario Place. Using a 
          photo of my work in The Society for Commercial Architecture. You can check out the SCA 
          on Facebook HERE......or their website at


5.)    I WON AN AWARD!!!!! Finally!!! I mean, all you need to do is work full time for 9 years, 
        and then you are recognized for your talent! ;-) Re-READ this post to remember!
        Or you can re-read about it on the Cabbagetown site...…

6)      I did 108 Blog posts last year!!!! Down a bit…..but certainly respectable!!
          I hope you read ALL of the posts???
         Go back and re-read them all now……then come back to finish this post!

7)      A record amount of rain and number of group shows….this year for all it's faults included a
          record of 12  shows last year!!!!
       -  “Holiday Art Market”, Artscape Barns,
       -  “Canadiana” , Project Gallery, Toronto, ON
       - “Just my Type”, #Hashtag Gallery, Toronto, ON
       - Cabbagetown Art & Crafts Show, Toronto, ON
       - Riverdale Art Walk, Toronto, Ontario
       - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario
       - “Monsters & Robots”, and “Pony Paddock “ Atomic Toybot, Toronto, ON
       - The Artist Project, Toronto, Ontario
       - The Toronto Home Show
       - The International Home Show
       This does not mention the galleries and retail locations that supported me in a significant way last
       year…special thanks to:
       - MJG Gallery
       - Atomic Toybot
       - Red Church Gallery

8)      ONE solo show of work last year……..

My "Sign of The Times" Series paintings and my "Tin Toy" Series are STILL UP!!!!!

When?      Wednesday December 18th, 2013 - Thursday January 23rd, 2014 
Where?     The Miles Nadal JCC (right on the corner of Spadina/Bloor in Toronto) 
** HOURS: Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm; Saturday - Sunday 9am - 7pm


9.)    Thanks to my long suffering  (and greatest fan) husband, I was ONCE AGAIN,  somehow able to
        make a living in the arts!! It was a harsh year, with harsh weather to deal with!
        AGAIN…… I am sooooooo grateful for those who purchased my work this year.
        I am grateful for the Galleries that were able to stick with me this year - especially mark at 
        who has turned out to be a world class kind of guy!!!
        Finally, thank you loyal readers for checking in with me, I appreciate every one of you.

       Thanks for taking the time!  
       And remember your comments are most welcome here!

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