Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WW159: AKACORLEONE, BOOMF, and MAIORI (yes…real names!)

5 things I love this week:

1.) Hey arty people…..check out this installation. I LOVE it….. Akacorleone is presenting a solo show at the Underdogs Gallery in Lisbon.

‘Find Yourself in Chaos’ is a bold typographic composition. comprised of various objects, items and memorabilia, the dynamic teal colored installation is optically different at every angle and tricks the eye by appearing as a two-dimensional surface when viewed straight on. symbolism behind the work and notions addressed throughout the exhibition are described by the artist as ‘the feeling of excess of information in the brain which makes it impossible to focus on one task alone, the idea that we’re never satisfied making us therefore accumulate, the visual pollution to which we submit ourselves without questioning’

2.) This backyard light REALLY appealed to me. Thanks to Maiori! Yes… is well out of my price range…….but look at how lovely it is………

Great for lighting up your camping trips, this $700+ lam really screams out sophistication!
 It is amazing…because it is 100% solar charged (in 5 hours)… produces up to 300 lumens of light……and it can light your indoor or outdoor space for 3.5-7 hours!! Fantastic!!
Whether you are sitting alone in a field with your wine….
perhaps considering how lonely your life is…..or….

….whether you are forcing your youngsters to get into cold water at dusk……
THIS is the light for you!!!

Delightful! I have ordered 4 for my backyard! ;-)

3.) OMFG! (sorry for the swearey-ness) WE NEED THIS!!!! Ever loved someone sooooo much that you want to treasure each moment like a delicious little sweet treat?? NOW YOU CAN……thanks Boomf!!

Yes my friends………you can turn your Instagram photos into delicious marshmallows!!!! Dream come true?? YES!!!!

for $20 bucks get 9 of these sweet treats to delight the love of your life!!!!!
Smores for everyone!!!

4.) This. Is. Amazing. I Talk to Strangers.

I TALK TO STRANGERS® (ITTS) is a social movement that unites various ethics, racial, political, and socio-economic groups through conversation. The purpose of the ITTS Foundation, Inc is to support the mission of the movement by creating programs and partnerships with organizations that promote enriching dialogue and positive collaborations among strangers.These conversations are geared to give individuals increased opportunities, experiences, and understandings about the world and the people around them.

5.) These 2 funny clips are GREAT. And both are supplied to me by Cindy…..who gets her knickers in a knot if I don't acknowledge her…….THANKS CINDY!!!!!  :-)

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