Wednesday, March 26, 2014


5 things I love this week……please enjoy!

1.) Hey nerds…'re gonna LOVE this…...Illustrator Franco Brambilla takes beautiful vintage postcards and adds his won brand of silly nerdi-ness to create these fantastic science fiction postcards:

See more HERE…
(Thanks Warren for this one!!!!)

2.) This is interesting. You know, I like to think we live in a different time. The sad fact is….that people are still afraid of people who are different from themselves…….I dunno if you saw that VIRAL "First Kiss" video where a filmmaker set up two strangers to meet and suck each others faces off…….Well….the Gay Women Channel on YouTube decided to have a little fun with it. They found some mildly homophobic but open volunteers to meet gay people and have a very safe, platonic hug. The results were surprisingly heartwarming…..

So there you go!

3.) Ok….this is SUCH old news…..but…..if you are looking for a fast-paced brainless popcorn action movie….may I suggest "Now You See Me". I saw it this weekend, and really enjoyed it!!!

Louis Leterrier (of "Transporter" fame) has created a really fun film! Yes… is light on the seriousness and heavy on the style — Ebert called it "a razzle-dazzle fantasy about a team of bank-robbing illusionists" - which is pretty succinct! It’s slick, deliberately silly, and nothing short of a special effects extravaganza! The cast is CRAZY; Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Mélanie Laurent and Morgan Freeman….and you never quite know what is coming up next!

Basically it is a heist film that is done mostly by "magic" — but don't let that turn you off…… is  "proudly outlandish" and involve everything from giant mirrors, doubles, hypnosis, copious amounts of flash paper, and holograms as tricks. It is what makes the film so entertaining — in a gaudy, disposable, Vegas act sort of way! It is just non-stop, ever-escalating ridiculousness. 

4.) Where my drinkers at? I really want to try this……


1 1/2 cups cinnamon simple syrup*
1 box Black Box white wine (I used Sauvignon Blanc.)
2 cups Apple Pie Vodka
2 cups ginger brandy
4 cups apple cider
1 cup grapes, sliced in half
4 apples, cubed
4 pears, cubed
8 – 10 cinnamon sticks

Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher, cover, and refrigerate for 2 hours or up to 2 days. Serve over ice.

*Bring 1 cup sugar, 2 cups water, and 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon to a simmer over medium-high heat until sugar is completely dissolved. I usually let the mixture simmer for about 10 minutes to create a thicker syrup. Allow syrup to cool completely.

Thanks to Inspired by Charm .com

5.) This made me laugh…...Todd Spence -- art illustrator and editor of, created these "mash-ups" of the two main characters from HBO's True Detective, Rustin Cohle (Matt McConaughy) and Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson) with vintage Hardy Boys Detective novels.

See more here!
(thanks to for this one!)

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