Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"INTERNAL TOURISM" - SPACING MAGAZINE (with Rob Croxford's fine merch!!)

Hey y'all!
I was just pursuing my NEW copy of Spacing Magazine.....
(if you don't know Spacing.....FORSHAME!)
If you live in Toronto, you MUST subscribe to it!
It's got tonnes of toronto specific articles about our fine city! Honestly, it is just a great read, that tells the stories of those of us who LOVE living in an urban paradise! I really LOVE getting my Spacing Magazine......but this week I LOVE it extra!!! (Because I crave attention....I guess? ;-)

YUP! They have featured my postcards!
As part of an article on "Internal Tourism".
Thanks to the fantastic Dylan Reid......check out some of these other recent writings.....
Enjoyable article...and also......just so nice to be noticed!! Right?
So, get a copy of Spacing TODAY!!
AAAND....go to The Spacing Store which carries a whole inventory of awesome urban merchandise.

Really.....you could do all your summer birthday and Victoria Day shopping there!!!!
For more on The Spacing Store...go ahead and read THIS POST.
(Oh ya, they are also the exclusive retailer for my merch!)
Thanks to whole gang at Spacing for making mention of my art/merch!
So muchly appreciated!

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