Monday, July 6, 2015


Happy Monday!
Yes, I DID have a show just yesterday in Hamilton - and YES it was SUNNY AND WARM!!!!!!
Sadly, the weekend of The Kensington Market Art Fair......not so much.
Now, you know this story.......inclement weather is NEVER good news for sales.
Thankfully it was just a constant drizzle......not a hurricane (like the Saturday just before the KMAF)
The good news? There were some brave souls that came out to support us!
ALSO the team at the KMAF were super prepared and proffesh. (as usual!)
Here are some photos.....

Nice day for an art fair!
Why do you hate me Mother Nature? ;-)
Thankfully people were well suited for the weather - NICE BAG!

See?? There are still folks out......and yet.....
.....I still look like this.
Noon - weather check.....

Here is my tent - full of was an easy set up....
....well.....not easy....

The glue that held the bottom of my shoe attached
came off in the rain. So I duct taped the sunamabitch!
THANKFULLY it was teal tape! 
I love this whole "cardboard chic" look...very on trend this season!
Hello puddles - Goodbye sanity.

This is me covering my eyes - to avoid looking up at the weather......

...which looked like this at 3pm.... the temperature began to drop.....
....and my patience began to wane....
Yes....things IN the tent began to get moist.
The rain eventually stopped.....
The freezing and wet weather couldn't keep some people on the main strip down!
(or clothed)

This was at 5pm.......

(Working hard? or Hardly working?)

So there you go - it was WET WET WET and COLD COLD COLD....but you can't keep a good artist down! So onward and upward we go!!
Hopefully I will see you out On July 26th for the next KMAF - It is my last Kensington Show this year! (and hopefully it is warm and dry!)

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