Monday, August 10, 2015


Another wonderful Brunchday Sunday!
Here is how I spent it:

At the St Lawrence Market......there was this.......
I know I am a man-child - but I had a BUNCH of "cockshut" jokes.....
Just imagine.
The perfect Christmas gift for that special person in your life!
It's "Play Time" for the kids!
What'll it be?
Disney ToyStory game?
Playing Guitar Rockstar?
or the non-slip spinning dog treat toy?

I like that it is an acronym, but I thought it was:
J is for - just who is your favourite actor that played you in a it Christian Bale - c'mon - you can say!
E is for - every time Lorraine Stewart makes up an acronym, does it need to be such a downer, GEEZ!?
S - is for shoes....honestly, don't your feet get sore in dem sandals?
U is for - understanding that some people are just not that into organized religion....
S is for don't want to talk about the whole priest thing??
or is it simpler?? Like:
J- judging
E- every
S- single
U- un-believing
S- sonnamabitch
I'd love to hear your JESUS acronym! (but not any hate mail please)

To the trash
of a not great friend
the way
is almost certain

How about this BIG EYED 70's illustration.
SPEAKING of big eyes...... is.....
1. Topless Brat
2. Bottomless upside-down Barbie
3. Leering Austin Powers

...and on was this awful Jersey Man Whore  Shore doll.

Dear Wendy and Matt,
I am so glad to have shared your special day.
That dry chicken, pay bar, and the great train whistle you gave us
was well worth my $150 gift of cash! 

.....all this sales Ladies!!
I bought the invisible string of pearls, and a transparent diamonte owl broach! 

These are funny....and don't need my snarky comments!
:-) is hard being a kid!
So hard, they NEED an ergonomic neck pillow!
Or you start getting complaints from HR....

Ew. Just EW!!!!

Crochet is the new silk!
Pass it on!

Ah yes.
The infant toys......and the Electrical Testing Area......
together again!!!!

The British are coming!
I like how they are ALL in some form of curtsy!

Why is this so wrong??? 

"I don't know Jane, I just can't decide which bag to choose,
it IS a formal Easter party....beaded clutch or felt chicken???"

Let's play a game of 'perv-y or pure'!
I know what my guess is!
Two hearts - One love - Two lives - One dream
Feel like this needs a third.......
Two much - One thinks
Two affairs - One divorce
Two hands to cover my mouth from vomiting

I love the "share it girl"......the boy to her left that is not having it, and the fact that all the kids are looking AWAY from both the camera and Bill (the fist pumper)!
Way to go Rosenshontz! 

This is my new MOTTO!!!!
I'd rather be someone's alcohol induced blackout than everyone's cup of tea!
There you go! '
Another WUNNERFUL Sunday!

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