Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Okay, to I have been talking a LOT about Hamilton in the last few months.
You see.....I have done a couple shows there, and met some really great people.
Some artists, some foodies - and some swell business owners!
These people are trying to convince me that I need to MOVE and set up shop in the Hammer.
These are top quality people......people who love their city....and honestly, it is contagious!
I am honestly considering a move!
So...because I move in the direction that inspiration takes me, I give you this new painting!
I am gonna show you my progress on this piece with a series of photos -- my husband claims that when I do this, it makes the process look EASY! 
DOES IT??????
It all starts with inspiration.......in this case..... it was this photo....
The Art Deco Style of the Hamilton Centre GO Station

and this inspiration......
So then I did a series of drawings - that look AWFUL - so I won't show you those!
Then I start to paint:

First......blocking in the building.....and get my 
Building up the colours - so it gets a more 'watercolour' effect....
Add in the people! I love how they look like they are marvelling at the building!
A bit more detail goes in, and a blue circle........
Adding in the GO train!
REPAINTING the circle border so that it is less distracting......
....but it is still not quite right......
AND THEN it occurred that there was something wrong....
I painted her arm wrong - OOOOOPS!
I also pumped up my colours.....and my shadow work......
I also put in a starburst to draw your eye back to the building...
.....and a bunch of washes of colours!
Well? What say you?
I think it is swell!!
(AND YES.......there will be merch - stay tuned for that!)

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