Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well, it is a balmy 33 degrees here in Hogtown. 
Not warm enough for you? When you add in the humidity, it is a sweltering 42 DEGREES. 
I just came home from packing my truck full of paintings in preparation for The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, which begins in 38 hours and runs all weekend long!  There is something very unsettling about all your works crammed into a vehicle, that for all intents and purposes, is a microwave on wheels in this heat! What's worse, is that due to the 80% chance of rain on Friday morning, everything is wrapped in plastic, which makes it more like a microwave than ever!
You can tell from the photo it is H-O-T!!
I know what you are thinking....'Oh Rob, what a glamourous life you have".
Petty jealousies get you nowhere, gentle reader!
What else can I share today?
OH. On the square you can also buy this little 6" x 6" art square called "PIG OUT". Each artist is encouraged to donate a piece for the T.O.A.E. fundraiser. The deal? For a sale price of $40, you can get a great piece of art! These art squares are available at the TOAE Shop and all proceeds help maintain low exhibitor fees (Which is great for all us 'starving' artists!)

AND ALSO on the square....I will be showing a preview copy of the new book that I am fortunate to be a part of called "The Hogtown Project". It is an exciting snapshot of all the most interesting parts of our fair city!

Ok, this one is a short entry today, as I still have packing to do! I will give you a preview of my new Arcade piece tomorrow! EXCITING!!!


  1. Have a cool refreshing cocktail at the end of your day and everything will be just fine!

  2. OR I could have a drink at the beginning......and one mid morning....and one mid afternoon.....and one late afternoon....and......and........