Tuesday, July 6, 2010


WELL. We are only 2 days away from the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, and I am still getting stuff ready for the weekend. Ok. I am gonna level with 'ya, my big gripe about the weekend, is that it is hotter than H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS! Every year that I have been lucky enough to be juried in, I am always so happy to be a part of it.......until the actual days come. Let me paint you a picture.......one day into the 3 day - rain or shine event, I am sweating like a whore in church, my white skin turning extra crispy, even through the 950 sunblock protection. My eyes are sore and red from the mixture of sunblock sweat and dirt. Remember, this is an outdoor show, so my booth is conveniently located in what can only be called a dirt heap....just off the lovely grass........Two days in, it is raining. It is NO COOLER, just more wet. I am forced to put the sides on my tent, thus cutting off any breeze that might be cooling the 48 degree weather. Sadly, the dirt has now turned to muck and is splattering across my paintings like arterial spatter in an episode of “Dexter”. I have spent the day trying to keep positive despite the heat and mud, while trying to reconfigure the booth, to allow for more 'people room' with the sides on. Somewhere around 5pm, it begins to rain a bit...IN THE TENT.....Day three, there is a muddy mess outside my tent that I am trying to keep ‘buyer friendly’ by smothering it with cardboard. It is making it no better....and in fact, might be making it worse, as people are now sliding on the cardboard like an episode of “America’s Funniest Videos”. By this time, I am tired and ready to call it done. Let it be known, that last day slips away slower than a snail on crutches!
The good news is, there are a LOT of people at the show, so it can be a very fiscally rewarding show. I know, that is no reason do do something....but it sure helps!
So, if you are out this weekend, come by and see me:
Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto
Friday       July 9th,     10:30am  - 7:30pm
Saturday  July 10th,   10:30am -  7:30pm
Sunday     July 11th,  10:30am -  6:30pm

I am at Booth Green #384 (which is at the entrance to the square at Queen and Bay - right beside the T.O.A.E booth)

Ok, so here is  one more from "Mixed Messages". This little 6" x 9" shadow box, like the bunch of others, cannibalizes imagery from my catalogue of 300 completed paintings. As usual I have had the imagery printed, and then reassembled the pieces to create this clever little box called "Boy Toy". This robot is a favorite of mine! I got it as a gift and have photographed it in several positions and used it in several pieces including “Outta this World” which was a custom piece.  I used a different shot of it in both “Robot Attack” and “Technophile” both of which are also sold!

The background on the one side is from “All Work”. This piece is also from my Tin Toy Series! (and is also SOLD!)

The final piece was a little boy – that I never used! I had it painted for an A-Z painting, but then never used it!

As usual I added ink and paint to punch up the colours, and added some found objects to fill out the box. In this case it was some large scale kids spelling blocks.

What do you think? I know you are not gonna comment….so I will take your silence as approval! (Just like I do with my parents! ;-)


  1. always love the robots......

  2. Thanks! I love painting the Robots!