Sunday, February 13, 2011


Ok....well lately I seem to be on a kick.
A repainting kick.
I posted last week about a winter scene that I 'jazzed up'.
So, in that same vein, I decided to paint a REALLY OLD piece.
This one:
"Lured" 20" x 60" was painted in 2006.
It was one of my very first landscape paintings.
Every time I went to my studio, I would always shutter looking at it.
Now, dont get me wrong...thre are things I still like about it......I like the fact that it had the script from fatal attraction printed along the middle.
BUT I did not like the landscape part or the colour of green I chose for the quote OR the art deco lady on the left side - I mean, what was she there for???
So I set out to re-imagine it.
I wanted to make it more current.
Here is what I came up with:

I love it now. It has lots of great levels on it.
What do you think?
What do you like the best??
- the Polka-dot tufting?
- the revised landscape?
- the sexy lady?
I would love your feedback y'all!!
You can come out and see this painting at The Artist Project in a few weeks!!


  1. This is AWESOME Rob!! I do love the tufting..I seriously thought at first glance that the picture was resting on something - it has great depth and dimention!! I talked to David. We are definitely planning to get a Rob Croxford original to hang in our home!! Keep up the great work!!


  2. Hey thanks Penny!!!!!
    That is so nice to hear!