Monday, February 28, 2011


Hello All.
Well, I have been busy at work finishing the last pieces for The Artist Project  this week.
My last painting is an entry for "the lemon competition".
What is that?
Well, each year T.A.P. has a call for submissions based on a theme. This year, the theme is lemon.
All artists are encouraged to enter a piece based on this theme.
Some of the artists enter work be honest.....are just re-named pieces that seem to have very little to do with the theme. I am not that kind of guy.
Each year I paint a painting with the competition in mind.
So , this is the 4th time I have entered this competition. Each year I hope to get noticed by buyers and jurors. (Alas, no, I have never gotten a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place win.)
But it is not all about winning, is it?
Here are my theme specific previous entries:
The competition: "Chocolate". The outcome: LOSS
The competition: "Queen". The outcome: LOSS (this one even LIT UP!!!!)

Here is this year's entry:
The competition: "Lemon". The outcome: WIN WIN WIN????
What do you think?
Is she good enough to win the big bucks?
I think so!!!
Rememeber, you can come out and vote for her at The Artist Project, (which starts on Thursday night)

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