Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hello friends!
So, today is my load in day for The Artist Project.
No, I am not freaking out. The load in is the EASY you know, I have a plan of the layout all ready to implement. WHEW!
BUT I am kinda tired of talking about TAP, so instead of talking about that, I am gonna post some really fabulous pictures that were forwarded to me. If you love Toronto, these are a MUST SEE!

Toronto of the 1940s

Toronto of the 1940s was place defined by war. Although not a period that saw sweeping changes on the skyline, along with the war effort, the 1940s is likely best known for the waves of immigration that got underway during the latter part of the decade. 78% of the city's population was of British decent in 1941. In the years that followed, Toronto saw the arrival of massive numbers of people from throughout Eastern and Southern Europe, which lead to a profound shift in the city's cultural makeup.
This is the Yonge Subway going in. I sure hope Rob Ford puts more looks like it is not cumbersome at all! 
more these!!

The beautiful Eglington Theatre

Chimps at Oxford.....a CLASSIC!

This looks basically the same today....oh...except for the strippers.

So great, huh?

This is from Eatons.

Look at those streetcars!!

Duchess St is now Richmond.

LOVE this billboard!

Miss worker beauty contest! SERIOUSLY!!

The entrance to QEW! CRAZY, huh?

Cheap fruit!!

Sunnyside Beach!

This is my favourite!!

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