Monday, March 7, 2011


WOW! What a borrrrring title!
So, as you may know, if you are loyal reader, this past weekend was The Artist Project.
It is a 4 day exhibition, and here is my breakdown!!
So Thursday night was the big gala. Which is usually a big deal.
For me, it was less than stellar. Candice Olsen and Brian Gluckstein were both in attendance, sadly (but not surprisingly) neither noticed my booth! (Insert sigh here ;-)
I was not able to procure either free food or wine, which is par for the course.
TAP gives the wait staff implicit instructions not to feed the artists - we are like Gremlins.
(I get it....better the buyers get tipsy and make multiple drunken purchases)
As usual, I did not get any corporate purchase awards.......but then let's be fair, my work is really not beige enough for that kind of thing. I am ok with that.
There were girls dressed in yellow hanging out lemon cupcakes, which was kinda fun.....and at the end of the night, they even started to give the artists cupcakes!!!
I was disappointed by a lack of saes that night. But I was happy to have lots of great feedback.
The next day, (friday) was a 9 hour day.
It was busy until 5.....and then there were literally tumbleweeds blowing down the aisles.
On friday, I was happy to have sold a few of my little Mixed Message pieces.
At $100, you just can't say no (well you can, but why would you??)
Unfortunately, the only thing to eat at TAP was a sit down cafe - which is impossible for those of us working the show. (No, they will not do take out!) That is probably my biggest complaint about the show.
They DO have a bagel cart. For 6.00 you can get a toasted bagel with cream cheese.
Yes, you heard me right SIX BONES!!!!!!!
And here is the thing. They were more like large dinner buns. (I nick-named them "Bungels")
Mmmmmm bungles.
Saturday was a 10 hour day, and although it was busy, it was a long haul standing on cement floors.
Thankfully I had insoles in my stilettos.
It was not a bad day, although one client would only buy a piece if I changed its name, and put a sticker on the front of the piece that said "don't". The piece was called 'chicken out' and was also $100.00.
It is funny what artists will do for a hundred bucks!
Sunday was CRAZY busy, and super good for sales. I was pleased with my sales.
It is so nice to have positive feedback, and I appreciate it so much, but sadly, the bank will not accept positive feedback in lieu of a mortgage payment.  ;-)
Here are some photos I took:
People reading my work
Looking out of my booth
A view into the aisle. Yes,  I had natural light where I was!!

Yes....this is kinda brag-gy

So, that is the big event breakdown.
Today, is all the post-show clean up. YUCK!
I have to unpack at the studio, and try to get re-organized for some potential studio visits.
If you missed all the fun of the weekend, you are always welcome to come by the studio and check out the new work! You just have to email me and we can set up an appointment.
So, off to work, and then tommorow I begin production on a new show:
Are you excited already??
I will have details later this week!

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