Monday, March 21, 2011


Hey all!!
Well, I am busy and back at work!
No rest for the wonderful. (Yes, i know it is supposed to be wicked.....BUT!)
So, currently I am finally done the first 2 renderings for my upcoming "Auto Fixation" show.
I know I promised more info last week, but my meeting with my gallery in Port Credit had to reschedule for this week! So I won't have the details until next week. BUT until then, check out what I have planned:
I finished this one for The Artist Project:

But here are 2 companion pieces that will be at the new show:
This rendering is kinda James Bond-y.

This one features a '69 Mustang Fastback!
But before I can plow ahead with these paintings, I have a to start/finish my latest commissioned piece:

Very "deco' looking!
So, that is what I am starting today!
I will post photos as I go along on Twitter.
Check me out on Twitter for the latest latest!!

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