Monday, March 14, 2011


Sometimes, when I am at the Value Village, I worry.....and here's why.....
I worry for the person who donates something crappy and thinks:
"Oh yes...this item will be perfect for someone else. I hate it, but someone else? LOVE!"
I also worry for the person who buys said items (aka crap)
"Oh yes.....this item would be perfect for me. I have been searching my who life for THIS!!"
Mostly, I am concerned I might be one of the people in the afore mentioned categories.
Yesterday, I decided to photograph some of the most appealing things in the "home accessory" section.
Please enjoy:
Ok. I am obviously NOT a mother. But I am mystified by the Geddes phenomenon. Why do I want to hang a photo of other peoples' babies in my home? I know art is subjective, but WHY? And why are they dressed as purple pansies?
Am I the only one that finds this creepy?
Furthermore. What happens when these two babies grow into adults? Is this photo a source of great pride for  them?
Or has it been a life akin to the child actor? Do they turn into drug addled adults who dress in flowers?
Am I the only one who thinks even the children here look to be judging Anne Geddes?
(re-enactment of an actual conversation at V.V.)
Rob: know I have been looking for something to cheer up our living room.
Husband: You mean like a spider plant? Or a crochet owl? Or a photos from our wedding day?
Rob: No, I was thinking of something more sinister, and under ten dollars.
Husband: I love it! But I sure wish it had a companion piece to hang with it........
The worst part of this beautiful artwork? The name:
Unconditional Love
(I am not even kidding)
I love my sister. I cherish every moment, and each token of your affection.
Oh, except that crappy-ass poem you wrote and framed for me.
Dear Tina. Although SHE maybe your favourite have not ranked that high on her list.
Sorry. BUT you are totally worth buying at $6.99!
So, there you go.
Great finds at the Double V!
Now to find the wall space for all this new art.

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