Friday, March 11, 2011


Hey all.
I am currently helping a friend get ready for the cd release for her upcoming concert.
Let me tell you about it.
The show is called "Killer B's" and it is a showcase of superfantabulous broadway songs.
I have known Josephine for twenty years, and I could not be prouder of her.
I am really looking forward to the concert. Here are the details:

Josephine Cleo
Wolf Performance Hall
Sunday, May 29th
7 pm

doors open at 6.30pm
Free Parking in Citi Plaza
King St near Clarence
London, ON

reserved seating
includes show and CD

What a bargain! A fab show AND a cd for twenty bones!!
make sure to reserve tickets on her site at:

So, for this cd, we started with her photo shoot pictures. So this is the original artwork:

Great picture. I love it, and she looks like a million bucks, but I thought since it was a Broadway themed cd it needed to be more spectacular. So I did some research and some photoshopping....I took 3 pictures and morphed them into this. I used a nice retro font with cherries (like her dress):
This was a great start, and Josephine was pleased. In the end, we tried 6 other fonts and decided that it needed more consistency. We also decided to photoshop more 'meaningful' shows onto the marquees in the background. I think the final picture is much improved:

I think it turned out super! We are doing some print tests, and hopefully it looks great!
In the meantime Josephine is recording the cd today!!
I encourage you to check out her concert in May!!!

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