Friday, March 25, 2011


Hey All.
As I mentioned the other day (via twitter and facebook) I had a meeting out in Port Credit.
What is in Port Credit, you ask...other than me yesterday??
I took some photos on my way there on the Go:

Yes....I am a master photographer!! (and yes, that is my thumb)
I like that metal like structure in the middle (and my iphone strap in the top left) 
Doesn't this look like a vintage photo (with my iphone case strap)
LOOK!!! NO STRAP IN THE PICTURE......shame about the window reflection no attention to the upper left
I arrived in the P.C. an hour early for my meeting.
So I had a fancy coffee and walked down to the water edge.
I was gonna go for a dip....but it was too GD cold.

Out in the P.C. (Port Credit) 
And in the distance.......HOME! (in the foreground DAMN STRAP!)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this font. The guy at the door thought I was a bit shady though!
The icy waters/trees. Cool huh?
This is the gallery......and as you can see, my work is in the window.
And as you can see, I am living in Jane Seymour's shadow - literally - the shadow from her name is right
across my painting.

So then I went of rmy meeting at the gallery.
This is the ad from the gallery.

So....short story long, it was a good meeting.
I am going to be doing an exhibition in Port Credit!

Auto Fixation: A show all about cars. (or all that I know about cars - which is surprisingly little)
June 9-20th, 2011
Opening Night: June 9th.

I bet you're wondering why a show about cars. 
No. I do not even have a car. 
My dad is a mechanic, so I have never been too interested in them. Sad for him, true....
BUT I do paint them fairly frequently in my Urban Series and even in the Tin Toy Series. 
I,  in fact, really enjoy painting the reflections of metal things. 
Yes, like a crow, I am attracted to shinny objects.
So I thought I would theme a whole show about cars. 
I will keep you all posted as the show comes together.
It will be a fun adventure, and a great challenge for me!
What do you think of the idea?


  1. Great pictures :) and a great story. When we were in Disney with W&W I got an awesome image of my coffee mug. Couldn't remember how to use my point and shoot for the life of me. One of my favourite images from the trip because of the story and we all had a great laugh! Can't wait to see the images for your art show. I LOVE cars!!

  2. Thanks for the comments Penny!!
    I really appreciate it!!! I am happy to hear even a professional photographer has camera issues!! I was hoping to see the picture of your AMAZING mug on Facebook!