Monday, March 28, 2011


So, I am jumping head first into my work for "Auto Fixation".
But before I start sowing you the progress of this, I thought I would show you how my last commission worked out. 
I think it is splendid. I think the client will be thrilled - and that is what is MOST important!
Check it out:
This is my computer rendering. It is a series of drawings and some scans  that I have reorganized in photoshop.
HELLO YELLOW. This was a MAJOR error. The colour I mixed didn't seem that yellow until I was done it.

Repainted in a more neutral beige-y yellow. 'Yelaige'.

The plane is really coming together at this point. I JUST LOVE SHINY THINGS!!!

 So that was it.
Done like dinner.
Now onto my autos!!!!!

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