Wednesday, January 11, 2012


1. As you know I have become a weirdo-scavenging-type of artist. I am constantly collecting crap for my mixed media works............But artist Sarah Frost takes it to the extreme!! She creates found object and found form sculpture. Her Qwerty Sculptures consist of thousands (and thousands…) of keys from old qwerty keyboards…It´s a multifaceted ScrapHack, filled with any kind of meaning you want it to be. Sarah´s Qwerty work travels the world, a permanent installation can be found @ The James hotel in NYC. I just love it!!!! is her bio:
"Sarah Frost was born in Detroit and grew up in Rochester, NY. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. Frost’s work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions regionally, and she has her first show in New York in 2010. She has also received numerous awards and grants, including the inaugural Riverfront Times’ Visual Arts Mastermind award in 2008 and grants from Arts in Transit and the Missouri Arts Council.  Most recently she won the Great Rivers Biennial 2010, a grant funded by the Gateway Foundation and solo exhibition at Contemporary Art Museum Saint Louis. She currently lives and works in St. Louis."

 2.) This bookshelf is FANTASTIC!!! I NEEEEED IT!!!! Check out the site for this product at:   

3.) The Neti pot. Yes. Really. I know you are thinking....REALLY ROB? Nasal douching??? THIS is something inspirational to you??? THAT is the lame-ist thing to LOVE eh-vah!!! Well, let me tell you, dear readers, when you get sick with some kind of nasal will think again about this amazing device. Here's the skinny:

In the pot I have you take water (sterilized) and add a pack of saline.....shake it and then tilt your head and pour it into your nose.......then the amazing thing goes through your nasal passages......and then out the other nostril. Yes. You do feel a bit like the 'Fontana di Trevi'......but the relief afterwards is remarkable. Here is a picture...

OK OK...that is NOT RIGHT....
This is what it looks like.......

This is the one I bought.......

Anyways, if you have sinus problems.........I highly recommend it!!!
MOVING something a little less gross......
......right from nasal irrigation to Musical theatre...BAM.....

3.) Sutton Foster. I know, I know, she has been on this list before. But I just love her. Not only is she is adorable like a spotted puppy....she is a super talented musical theatre powerhouse. Now, I DID blog about her before HERE when I saw her in "Anything Goes" last year on the Broadway. But I am listening right now to her "An Evening with Sutton Foster Live at the Cafe Carlyle"

...which was taped last year, and is SPLENDID!!!!!! Love her. It shows off her 'zaniness' with her big vocal talent.......This live cabaret special she did was to help pro toe her first albumen 'Wish"

.....which is also very very enjoyable!
I highly recommend her music. I wish I could find her singing "My heart was Set on You' (it is my fave!)
here is another thing from 'Wish':

4.) I normally don't condone drinking.......because I am so pure of spirit and crap like that. But I tried this beer.....I KNOW....BEER.....but before you go all " don't drink drink Como's....." let me tell you more about it. It is, like, super fruity (which yes, is also my stage name). It is called "Fruli":
It is yummers. (If you like that kind of thing!)
Find it in your local LCBO HERE.

5.) that is it for this week!!! But let me leave you with a laugh.....I think this is super funny. It is called "S**t Girls say". It made me laugh...........(maybe because I hear these things coming from MY OWN MOUTH!!!) Ladies? What say you??


  1. Love the bookshelves! I found those a while ago. So many to choose from!

    Neti Pot...not so much Just sayin' I'm sticking with DayQuil/NyQuil/Advil. :)

  2. HA! Ya,,,I read a similar article about the neti pot......
    Not to worry.......I don't use unfiltered water.....I have been using red wine!
    Deelish and effective.
    Besides, if it kills me, the $$ on my artwork will SKYROCKET!!!
    Thanks (as always) for the comments!!!

  3. Good point....I'd like to order a painting now! LOL!! :) Red wine eh? Why the hell didn't I think of that? Must be my Nyquil/DayQuil/Advil cockail impaing my thinking. I can tell you one thing - I'm dying for a glass of wine - I don't think I've had one since NYE. Cold be gone!

    p.s. Love the sh*t girls said videos. There's one called sh*t photogs say too...might not be as funny to the masses though. :)