Saturday, January 28, 2012


Hey y'all!
It is Saturday, and I am finally finished my latest painting.
I wish I could work faster - perhaps if I could paint with both hands simultaneously.......
Well....that is something I can work on AFTER The Artist Project:

So this one is slightly different from the others I have been working on....
This one has the same 'poster' look, but it also has a elements from my 'Pin-up Series".
Here are some in progress shots:
I am a rule breaker.
As a rule, you are supposed to paint background to foreground & top to bottom.....
I always start with the lady.
Because she is the biggest challenge for me!!!
In my original drawing, she was riding it like a horse.....with the streetcar between her legs.....
but it was a bit 'unseemly'...

Finishing up her bits and pieces.

BLAM-O. Yes, this is several days later.....
but it still seemed unfinished.....
I tried to make the lady as though she was breaking out of the poster format......
I was happy to find reference for an old TTC ticket (bottom left corner)
I used the "Dymo label" lettering to make it more interesting and to fix the compositional balance by bring the red down to the bottom.
The background is wallpaper-y and has shiny gold pattern to it.
The quote: "Happiness is a way of travel - not a destination" is from Roy M Goodman.
I like what it says, and I like the inherent irony with it  - and the reality of actually taking TTC!!!
In the final painting (below) I added trompe l'oeil folds and shadows......and then 'burnished the edges of the canvas to draw your eye into the painting.
Here is the final:

"Travel in Style", 36" x 24", Acrylic on Board, 2012.

What do you think?
Like it??
Remember to come out and see this painting in person on the first weekend in March.
For more details check out The Artist Project 2012!!!!

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