Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hey guys!
Well today I thought I would do a bit of a themed post.
I am STILL in the middle of studio I had a bit of extra 'admin' time today....

1.) Paper Dresses. Thoroughly impractical....but AH-MAH-ZING!!! The first 4 dresses "Dame di Cartone" (“cardboard ladies”) is a project from photographer Christian Tagliavini where models are posed in cardboard wardrobes meant to resemble cubist, 17th Century and fifties fashions. Check out the entire image gallery! 

And then there is this newspaper dress:
And this corporate sell out dress:

and finally these elaborate retro-futuristic paper costumes are the focus of this year's promotional campaign for the laforet harajuku grand bazar, a biannual five-day sale event in harajuku, tokyo - and is art-directed by LA-born, tokyo-based designer steve nakamura, and photographed by norbert schooner.

2.) Best - not paper - but should be paper - entry: THE PAPER FOX PROJECT!!!

Here is his bio:
My name is Jeremy Kool, I'm an artist and graphic designer living in Melbourne, Australia. I've just started a new project with the working title of 'The Paper Fox'. My aim is to create an interactive storybook on iPad and Android tablets and I'm selling fine-art prints from the book to fund the project. The art-style is something I've worked on for quite some time and I think is quite unique - it's created digitally but made to look like paper-craft and origami.

3.) Or maybe THESE are the best - should be paper - but aren't: These cartoon purses from Jump from paper are incredible.....technically, they are NOT paper....they are canvas and polyester.....but they are pretty neat-o...and they look like they are drawings!! (Thanks to Dale for this one!)

Yes....they look like paper cartoons...BUT.......

SEE?????? THEY ARE 3-D!!

Check out their website for more information!!! Jump from paper

4.) OH SH*T!! Ok, so for some reason I really like these!! Graphic designer Safwat Saleem created a series of illustrations designed to inspire the viewer to say “Oh Shit!” (video). Themes include: unicorns, zombies, and flamethrowers. Saleem is raising funds on Kickstarter to produce limited edition prints and shirts. Click on the images to enlarge them!!

Check out his VIDEO is kinda funny!!!

5.) Ok...this isn't a laugh......BUT I don't know what to day other than THIS IS AMAZING!! Sean Ohlenkamp and his wife created a stop motion video of them organizing  an entire book store – Type Books in Toronto:

Check out his portfolio or his BLOG!!

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