Wednesday, February 15, 2012


1.) The Just-Us League of Stupid Heroes is a set of collectible action figures where MAD Magazine character Alfred E. Neuman is creepily mashed-up with familiar superheroes from DC Comics, like Batman, Superman and Aquaman. The figure’s Series 1 will be available to purchase at DC Direct starting on April 4, 2012. THEY ARE SUPER CREEPY....especially Wonder Woman.........enjoy:

Thanks to for this one!!!!

2.) Speaking of super heroes....I love these illustrations. They are clever. The Dr. Seuss-styled Batman character vignettes were created by DrFaustusAU, an artist who posts his work on DeviantArt. Check him out!!!!!

also check out my source.........with the longest freaking blog name in history of blog names!!! 
"The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century, Joey deVilla's Personal Blog"

3.) OK GO. You know I love 'em.......and I have enjoyed their partnership with Sesame Street:

4.)Are you geeking out yet? You know you can geek out in the kitchen too!!!!
    I love me some THINK GEEK.COM ! Here are a few things you can buy for your inner geek:

     a) Robot Tea Infuser (I got this from my Mother-in-law for Christmas - and LOVE IT!)    

     b) Robot Measuring cups (Also a Christmas gift - from husband) SUPER FUN:

     c) I love these S&P shakers!! They even wind up!! What F U N!!!!

     d) How about a pizza cutter that goes where no cutter has gone before?? RIDICULOUS!

    e) Ok...this is the last about some AWESOME cookie cutters:  

5.) Ok, here is the last one. I usually don't feature 2 artists........but I really thought these were smart!! As you probably don't mum was a bit of an amateur these stuck my fancy. If you have any old victorian pictures of your will totally see why this is funny:

Los angeles-based artist alex gross has created a collection of reconfigured cabinet cards from the late 19th and early 20th century. The vintage photographs have been altered by means of mixed media to portray the figure depicted the image as an imagined or contemporary comic book super hero. the photographs, originally a commercial printed portrait standard forms gross' collection. These cabinet cards will be on display along with nineteen new mixed media pieces in gross' solo exhibition 'product placement' at jonathan levine gallery in new york city beginning february 25th, 2012.


That's all folks!!
Hope you enjoyed this weeks dork-polooza!

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