Monday, February 13, 2012


Good Monday to you!
Yesterday was brunch-day (aka Sunday) and had a lovely day out!
Here are some of the finds from my trip to Value Village. I send this out to Gillett......who gets these updates in her mail......I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!! when I am at the 'Double V' I like to think of the situation that lead to each item being sent to VV or perhaps who might be the lucky future is kinda a fun game....let's play:

"Hey Bill.....I saw this doll, and immediately thought of you."**
**When one gets a 'OCD' doll from someone.....that someone is NOT your friend!

OH MY GOD!! I, JUST LAKE MARC SUMMERS, I AM ODC TOO!!! I am always loking for typos!!!!
Seriously...who the F is Marc Summers?

LENA:     Janice, I think I should buy these.
JANICE:  Yes Lena, I think as a 6 month pregnant lady, you will want to slip on a
                  nice dress and these tight fitting spice nylons for a night on the town of not drinking
                  and such! 

The selling feature of this book for a person?
Her black sharpie modesty scribbled "bathing suit"

This was on the back inside cover of "the shame orgy"
You know ladies, when I gets finished reading my smutty books, I gets so hungry for some rotisserie chicken...
if ONLY I had the phone number handy.......

I always feel bad for the artist who sends their work to the VV.
Or I feel bad for the the artist who has NO IDEA that Aunt Jean sent the paintings to the VV....
Or I feel bad for the person who is like "OH MY GOD. THERE IT IS!! I LOVE IT......
Just look at the chiaroscuro on this d-bag!"

ARTIST PERSON: You know other artist friend, I feel like I have totally explored all aspects of my last series.
                                    I think my wife beater period  is over.
OTHER ARTIST:   Good for you. Have you started your ripped jeans series yet?

Can someone tell me why this is inspirational?

If there is no finish line......then why am I running?

ANN:        Oh, Lester, I just bought stock in a new toy company.  I REALLY think they have something!!
LESTER: Really? What is the game? I sure hope it has the work 'pussy' in it......'cause that is a sure fire hit

I can only imagine that the white woman was like......"Let's call the group Boogsie!"
and the super straight looking guy in the blue dinner jacket was like...."oh, girl....why not!"

Rob like good grammar!

So there you go!
Another productive day at the VV!
Hope you enjoyed it!!!

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