Monday, February 20, 2012


Well, it is Monday, and as usual, I had devious brunching yesterday......followed by some browsing around the Queen St E area! Here are some of the 'finds':
The Jones family all went to the same plastic surgeon.
Their Doc specialized in rhinoplasty and worked on some famous noses......... Michael Jackson....and Lord Voldemort!!!

When it is just to expensive for surgery...........THIRTY BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Adrienne insisted that this was a genus name.
It is not very often that a product name tells you EXACTLY what it does.
It rotates your potates!

The Head Wizard. Sounds like a movie I saw once!!
(sorry about that)

James and Brittany were ALIVE in pastels!
I always feel so bad for the families I see for sale at the VV!

It is NOT a hat. It IS a bird feeder.
Nothing smarter than training birds to live in hats!

I know this is a child's toy, but strangely, it was for sale in the small appliance section!
What I learned......that panty hose used to some in 'queen size'.
It only made me ask more questions!!!!!! I know a bunch of queens that these WOULD NOT fit!!

Creepy. What a cat and a fish do in private is their own business..........but I don't want to see it!
I leave you with two baby foxes....or squirrels.....or something??
Yes, at every VV there is at least 1-3 Anne Geddes prints!!
So...that's all folks!
As always, I love your comments!!!!!!!!

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