Wednesday, February 8, 2012


When I finished this post, I realized that almost everything I listed was for sale.
I WAS SHOCKED and saddened.
I was gonna re-organize and split it all up....
Truthfully, nothing material will ever help ANYONE find true meaningful happiness.
But then I thought.....the heck with it....let's 'givver!
And although money cannot buy can buy a bunch of things......enjoy:

1. Purdy's Chocolates.....OMG........So, something you may not know about me...I am a STRESS EATER........and in times when my studio looks like this:

I seek comfort in yummy sweet treats!! Here are 3 things that you MUST try:

Himalayan Pink Salt Peanut Butter Bar

A perfect mixture of Purdy's creamy peanut butter centre in a milk chocolate shell, topped with a sprinkling of pure Himalayan pink salt. A decadent combination of sweet and salty.

Sweet Georgia Browns

A truly mouth-watering experience! Enjoy the taste of roasted and salted jumbo Georgia pecans, topped with smooth smooth caramel and creamy milk chocolate. Sweet and salty have never tasted so good. 

Red Velvet Cake Truffles

The luscious crimson centre is made with real cream cheese and fresh whipping cream. The rich truffle centre of Purdy's signature 70% dark chocolate combined with the warm flavour of French vanilla provide for a sensational chocolate experience. Bite through the decadent dark chocolate blanket to the Red Velvet Cake Truffle centre and learn what love should taste like.

2.) Speaking of vices nothing soothes the day like a well placed glass of Vodka (not in a raging alcoholic kinda way.......more like in a connoisseur of spirits kind of way!!) So....for those of you who enjoy a little drink.....please enjoy the "Tipsy" glasses:

You can buy 'Tipsy' from LORIS&LIVIA’s Boutique. 
"Reminders of the merry atmosphere in over-crowded bars, standing like happy cocktail lovers defying the laws of gravity, our glasses were put in a kiln at a very high temperature until reaching their melting point. The process resulted in a slow deformation of the pieces while preserving their original identity."

2.5) Those glasses segue right into this BLOODY FUN! Are you are a fan of the Showtime's television crime drama Dexter?? Then you must buy the officially licensed Dexter Blood Splattered Coasters available at ThinkGeek. Made of see-through acrylic, this set of six beverage coasters housed in a wooden box will add a dose of dark humor to any home.

3.)Now, just imagine you have passed out......full of chocolate and booze........but then the next day..........what do you need to make your day start better???? The Breakfastmaker. Yes. I love all things vintage....and I love this one is a no-brainer:

and did I's on SALE!!! BUY NOW FOR ONLY $49.99!!!!!

4.)Another way to deaden the pain of a stressful and money sucking renovation situation.....get lost in a good book. For me, I like to fill my head with deep and meaningful knowledge derived from deep and meaningful books. JUST KIDDING:

Yes...I know it is a year old.....but I am just reading it now!! And I LOVE it. Tina Fey is a GENIUS! If you love a good laugh.....GET THIS BOOK!!! Available in hardcover and now available in paperback!!  

5.) Finally.....what to do when booze, food and chocolate has failed me er, I mean you? Do you take up smoking? Drugs? Day-sleeping??? NOPE. A well placed vacation can cure ALL (unless you have spent all your vacation money on an unexpected studio renovation) **insert deep sigh here....ANYWAYS.....another place I would really like to go to is New Orleans.....for the obvious is ANOTHER reason why:

Picture it........New Orleans, Louisiana......on the east bank of the mighty Mississip! Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World, is a 400,000-square-foot part-museum, part-working Mardi Gras float-making warehouse. For $20 bucks you can get a guided tour of the world’s leading float, sculpture and prop manufacturing factory and after. Blaine Kern Studios designs and creates a large majority of floats and props for local New Orleans krewes including BacchusRexOrpheus, and Muses. Mississippi-born Blaine Kern, aka “Mister Mardi Gras”, began his career in the float-making business in the 1940s and currently Blaine Kern Studios is operated under the leadership of his son, Barry Kern

Since I cannot afford to go......I stole some photos from  at "Laughing Squid...and then some more from Laughing Squid guest blogger Eddie Codel. To see more of those check out Eddies images and then see the rest of Rusty's! 
And remember to check out the low low prices on last minute vacations on Priceline!! that is it. My blatant consumerism has been exposed. I hope you're happy! Now remember to get out there and BUY BUY BUY some happiness today! ;-) And while you some for me too!!!

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