Monday, January 9, 2012


Hello folks.
We'll, it is Monday, and those who follow me on twitter or facebook know I have been sick with some horrible pox for OVER A WEEK.....hack hack.....sniffle sniffle....honk honk.....
(that's my nose - not a car)
However, I did think I was feeling "better enough" for brunch on Sunday.
I mean heck, with Christmas and New Years and all the 'hoo-ha' it had been WEEKS since I had a decent brunch. UNFORTUNATELY, by the end of the day I was not at my best.....(aka a raging b*tch)
But the day started here are some of the enjoyable things from the good parts of the day:
Breakfast at 'The Ace" on Roncesvalles.
Yummy and new'ish'!!!
I had fresh grapefruit juice = YUM!
Two strangers discussing antiques outside of "Mrs. Huizenga"

Mrs. H has a way of curating her store.
Can't you just see yourself sitting here drinking tea?

Please take a moment to check out Mrs. H on the world wide web.

I wanted to buy this umbrella! But feared I couldn't carry it off!
Teddy bears are the new black.

Loved this too!!!

Inside Mrs H......sensory overload!!!!!


Oh Sybil.........I think the hem of your dress is on fire....
couldn't you see THAT coming??

Remember when Ernie got that bad weave from Susan (I think Susan was the black lady, right?)?
Ok...but seriously, the uplighting makes them all look a little serial
Love this poster. Great colours......maybe a bit homo-erotic.....

I want to know about the weather experiments this girl is doing.......
Girls doing experiments?? What will they want next...equal rights?? ;-)

More great 'stuff' that I did not buy.

An exit sign. That I also did not buy.
 (Are you seeing a theme here?!)
Here are some other things I saw that same brunchy day!!!!

You'll notice that they are EXACTLY the same........
now look at the it racism?
You tell me.

Sadly, there is no room at the inn for this metal cabinet.
Insert sigh here.

Weird fishing robot guy.

Authentic Mexican chip and dip set.
Fun fact about Mexican people.......they eat right out of their sombreros!!
On your next vacation, just go up to a local and pour chips and salsa right on their heads...
Oh....they love it!!!! Aye Carumba!

The sign at the store said 'no pictures please'

So I took TWO photos!
Way to stick it to the man, Rob!
Am I wrong.....
The "Super ZAP" is a terrible name!
Other bad names "super hair burner' 'amazing shock machine'

Because you CAN CAN CAN!!!

and speaking of terrible names of machines, I give you "The Multi cylinder diesel injection pump with mechanical regulator" other bad names: "the super pump" the 'amazing shock machine'

I really liked this painting.
Insert joke about his nuts here. 

Finally, I leave you with this. I am not sure what the joke is.... I AM SICK!!!
BUT, there is something about the bulge in his wetsuit.....and how they have disguised it ....
It is like his junk has its own light source or something.....
It was weirding me out.
Could have just been the medication wearing off!
That's it.
Back to my blankie and Nettie pot!
See you on Wednesday - I HAVE TO BE BETTER BY THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Teddy Bears are the new black!
    I love the sombreros chip holder.
    And, that squirrel is an assassin!!!

  2. Ebock - I bought that Authentic Mexican chip holder for you for your next birthday! and You're right - the squirrel had shifty-killer-for-pay eyes!!
    Thanks for the comments!!!!