Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hello friends!
Well it's Saturday, and yes, I am busily at work.
Before you feel too bad for me, know that I am a workaholic.
Besides (insert condescending tone here) when you love what you do, it really isn't work.
OK. Now that we have all that covered, I wanna show you my latest painting.
I am getting work ready for The Artist Project:

I have already shared a bunch of the new work....but that is sooo last year!
Here is my latest....I did a couple of progress shots:
It started like the others. With a back ground of 'tiles' like Osgoode Subway Station
my reference is below:

I then started work on the 'poster' part of my composition.
This is it before I age it.

Here it is almost done. But I felt it needed something........
I already had a quote from Eric Hoffer:
"When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other"

I LOVE the quote.
As you might have gotten......I am sorta aiming it at the 'hipster' crowd a bit....
I WILL NOT go on a rant about the 'ironic' big glasses and such.....
Anyways, I felt the painting was still missing I called a friend.
This is the transcript of that conversation:

ROB: Hey, Lady, I am trying to finish a painting that is kinda making fun of hipsters. But I need to paint a  an object on the bottom to finish it off and drive the point home. I was thinking of a coaster with a Hipster bar name on it. Is "The Horseshoe Tavern", "The Rivoli" or "The Cameron House" a hipster hangout?

LADY S: How about "The Drake"?

ROB:Ya.... I already have them represented. 

LADY S: I think it is the perfect place

(((insert extended conversation - listing EVERY bar in the city and it's level on the hipst-o-meter scale)))))

ROB: (after a long pause) OH!!!! I GOT IT!!!! Cookie Cutters!

LADY S: I've never heard of "Cookie Cutters" is it new?

ROB: (confounded) Whaaaa? NO. Cookie cutters is NOT a bar. I am gonna paint a pair of cookie cutters on the get it. right???

LADY S: So there is no "Cookie Cutters"? I was thinking I would like to check that bar out.

ROB: (hangs up phone)

LADY S: Hello??


So, here it is, The final painting - I am pretty happy with it!!!

"The in Crowd",  36" x 24", Acrylic on Panel. 

Whadda YOU think??
Come out and see it at The Artist Project in March. last thing.......when I was googling 'hipsters' I came up with these images that made me laugh out loud...and I need to share them with you:

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