Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I know what you are thinking........
"Rob, shouldn't you be painting? Isn't the Artist Project is only 40 days away!"
Normally at this point I would be a full-tilt painting machine! Sadly, my studio looks like this: painting today........NOT TO WORRY FOLKS....
I am fine...all my paintings are fine......but it is a nasty expensive SEWER related mess..........
It is CRAPPY (pardon the pun)!!
BUT I know I have obligations to you, my loyal readers. Yes, I care THAT MUCH!
So here is my Wonderful Wednesday post.......

1.) fun fact about me.......I watch A LOT of television. A LOOOOOOTTTTTT! So I consider myself a bit of an expert on...well.....wasting time. I have talked about Sherlock before on WW#24....but I just caught the first episode of the new season. After watching it, I realized something. 
So much of the t.v. I watch is worse than the CRAP I just shoveled off my studio floor.....

If you still haven seen season 1...WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR???????????????
I promise you will NOT regret it! There are only 3 (90 minute) episodes in season 1!
I think it is one of the best things I have seen on t.v!!!! 
And season 2 has three more 90 minute episodes.......DEELISH!!!


2.) I also wanted to talk about a t.v. program that I am looking forward to. Now I know, the last time I recommended a show that hadn't actually aired it was DISASTER. I recommended both Pan Am and The Playboy Club. And sadly, they both ended up being a let down. But I am gonna take the chance again and tell you how excited I am about "SMASH".

Why take the chance on something that may be a huge letdown??? Here are the reasons:
a. the cast: Debra Messing, Angelica Houston, Katherine McPhee (from American Idol) and 
    Megan Hilty (who is a great broadway singer!!!!!!)
b. The plot: "There is more drama behind the scenes than on stage, as the team prepares an ambitious 
    Broadway musical on the life of Marilyn Monroe." COME ON! Doesn't that sound good??!!!!!!!!!
c. executive produced by Stevie Spielberg! (yes, his friends call him Stevie)
and finally, 

So let's hope for the best on this one!!!  We will have to wait and see it if is as good as I hope it is!!!
 It debuts on February 6th on NBC! 

3.) Why am I not wealthy? I guess it is good to be Robert Verdi.  He requested that Vans make him a few pairs of custom kicks out of his vintage Hermes scarf collection for his personal use. Sadly, these shoes are the only ones of their kind......and I do not own them. SIGH. But I can still admire them (as always click on the pics to see larger versions):

4.) I love this artwork, they are really nicely done! It is collage work by Nancy Goodman Lawrence!! Check out her website HERE! Super good work, huh?

Here is nancy's Bio:

Nancy Goodman Lawrence received a BFA from University of California, Los Angeles in 1971.
Her figurative collages are based mostly on photographic portraits of her family, friends and self, and less often on drawings of models placed in whimsical settings.
Maps are an important resource to her work, less for their capacity to represent geographical spaces than suggest the space that human bodies occupy. Lawrence transforms mountains, oceans, and roads into veins, and tree branches into rug patterns, and clothing.
She is fascinated with psychology and resists the temptation to use particular locations that are relevant to the subject or a part of the subject. Her Circle Study series is an abstract variation on her map theme. In each collage the inner circle of each piece is perfectly round, but the circles become more distorted as they spread out.
Her work has been extensively exhibited in Los Angeles.

5.) last week's laugh was sh*t girls say.......I found these 2 companions to that series....I hope you enjoy Sh*t Liza Minnelli Says:

and Sh*t Nobody Says:

so there you go!!
Hope you enjoyed this weeks post!!

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