Friday, March 9, 2012


Here's the thing.....when you work for 6 months on a show there is a feeling when it is all over.
I call it post-show-melaise....or more accurately MEH-laise.
You know what I mean, right? After the dust settles you are just left with a "meh" kind of feeling.
"Hey Rob, wanna do dinner??" Meh.
"Are you gearing up for your new show, Rob??" MEH.
"You only have a few months left to live!" M-E-H!
But, having said that, I wanted to share with you my experience at The Artist Project 2012.
I am not feeling like writing it wail be TAP in pictures.....
This is my booth. 
As you can see it is FULL of artwork!!
Here are some people checking out the work on opening night! 
More people looking at my work!!

This was right above my booth. It ran CONSTANTLY....
and nearly drove me insane.....(it is not that far a trip, granted)
Close to the exits and the washroom! Location is EVERYTHING!!!

The lovely 2 ladies in this picture made my weekend!!
We had some good laughs and more than a few trips of Holly's magic carpet!!!

Holly Friesen. Super fantastic neighbour!!!
Below is some of her work and a link to her site!

You must check out Holly's LOVELY landscapes on her website:
Love her use of colour.
You really have to see these in person.......!
This is her stunning about it - and about her process - on her blog HERE!!!
Tanya Kirouac was my neighbour across the hall.
Her encaustic work was enchanting, and her laugh was infectious!!!!!!
Check out here stuff on her WEBSITE!!
Here is some of her work:

Here are some other things that caught my eye!!! there are my photos from TAP 12.
Did you make it out????
What did you think of the show?


  1. Excellent post, Rob! Thanks for all the generous sharing of links, etc I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of the noise machine above our heads! Priceless!

  2. Thanks Holly!! I meant every word (about you and your FAB work!!!!)