Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Okay. So here are 5 thing sI love this week......

1.) Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows'. Based on the campy classic 'gothic soap opera' that originally aired on television from 1966-1971. It reminds me of the good old 'Beetlejuice' days!! I love me some Johnny Depp and also cannot say not to Michelle Pfeiffer. I know I am a week late posting this for many of you....but for those of you who have been living under a rock and have missed the preview you go:

2.)Awesome matchbooks! I LOVE these!!! Artist Krista Charles creates small graphite drawings on matchbooks depicting screen grabs from Google Street View based on the exact Google Map location listed on the matchbooks. Krista creates these drawings as a way to document the consequences of urban development over time. She explains: "Sometimes the places advertised on the matchbooks are still in business even after decades have passed, some businesses have changed names and are under new ownership, and some buildings are empty or have been torn down and replaced by new buildings or parking lots or highway expansion programs and even empty fields."

 Find out more about the project here or visit her Etsy shop to purchase the matchbooks.

(thanks to Junk Culture for this one!!)

3.) The Fordmania! Art Show at Atomic Robot. Come out and support a great little shop in Leslieville, and enjoy the art show that runs through April 23rd. There are 30 or so pieces, including illustrations, paintings and a work constructed from empty pizza boxes.  All of the pieces are for sale, but one of the best pieces is this one by my friend Cindy Scaife
You have a month or so to check out the exhibition at the store:

4.) As many of you know, the recipes at the Kraft site/magazine are not unlike crack. Full of temptation, completely addictive....and basically BAD for you. BUT when my friend Christina just can't say no! Here is what she made last week.....that was a MUST TRY!!! 
Banana and PB Snacking Cake = YUM!!!!!!! 
please note.......she added the decadent chocolate chips to their recipe to kick it up a notch!!!

5.) I leave you with something you might get a laugh out of.....but that could also EDUCATE you in the art of stretching!! Enjoy these stretches you can do at your desk........

BEWARE.....this may not be kid friendly.....

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