Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This week's blog is blatant commercialism!!!
But.....I like al these......and it MY here we go!!

1.) You know how I love Pixar.........well here is a 1-2 Pixar punch! I love these 'minimalist' posters for the movies!

Australian designer Wonchan Lee has taken some of Pixar's most iconic characters, from some of the most popular movies of the last few decades, and stripped them down to their most base elements. What is fun is actually trying to guess which film each poster design represents which film... buy prints here.

Lee told MyModernMet: "Turning the most realistic 3D animation into the simplest vector graphic... Everybody loves Pixar, which means you wouldn't want to do anything to let them down. Because it has really broad demographics, in terms of age bracket and cultural background, it was very challenging to come up with something that pleases such a wide audience whilst satisfying myself as an artist and as a fan of Pixar, too."

(taken from Juxtapose blog - via Cindy!!)

2.) BRAVE. Pixar's take on a 'Disney Princess' story. Can't wait to see it!!!

3.) Ok...not to be all media all the time...but this ad for The Guardian (in London) is AMAZING!!!!

4.) is officially ALL MEDIA day.......I love these short videos......The first one is called " Western Spaghetti" the second is called "Fresh Guacamole" and the third is called "The Deep" - all by director PEZ  These video is being featured as part of Showtime’s Short Stories series!


5.) Since I am on a YOUTUBE is something I liked......this is for Cindy!!

Hope you are all media'ed out!!!!!
I am!


  1. Love the Pixar posters and the Minions! We've been watching the trailer over and over and over!

  2. Love the "Despicable Me" Trailer!!! I assume by the noise maker that it's in 3D?! Bah Bah Bah!! Thanks Rob! Cindy