Monday, June 9, 2014


Hey guys…..I know you have been waiting for BRAND NEW work from me…..and here it is!
I am in FULL PRODUCTION mode for the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.
(details about the show and my location on FRIDAY)
So this new work is all "mixed media"…..which simply means they have a number of materials on them….for me it is all painted in acrylics, and then bits and bobs added….with some ink too!
Ok….ok….enough of the stalling….here is the first of the new stuff:

"Get Lost There", 24" x 24" Mixed Media and Acrylic on Board
 So the landscape is from a few of my photos from up north of the city……I like "Nature" (another piece from this year) have tried to keep it very loose and "impressionist-y".
Now….because I cannot "just do a simple landscape" the bottom third of the painting is more fun.
I really like the quote a lot. Perhaps because I haven't had a vacation since 2012….. ;-0
I love the cute polka-dats - although "cute" is the kiss of death in the art world!
The car and camper have a nice vintage feel and are based on 1950's vehicles.
They are also painted on separate board and attached later!
Here is a side view….

As you can see, I handled the sides differently on this…..normally I (just like the Rolling Stones) just paint it black…….but I felt that because there are so many 3-D elements on this, the imagery needed to wrap the canvas!
I really am happy with this one!
Look for it at the TOAE!
Have a great week y'all!


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    1. THANKS!!! I am really happy with it! (I will eat my shirt if it isn't gone at The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition)!!!