Monday, June 16, 2014


Happy Monday Y'all!!!
Ok….so as you may know I am ramping up for my BIG show…..which means that the production level is WAAAAY up.
If you don't know anything about my next show….(for shame ;-)
HERE IS A LINK all about the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition which opens in 2 weeks!!!!!
Ok……here is the latest painting:

"The Places You'll Go", Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 16" x 16"
Ok… this painting is based on some photos I took from the window of my Dad's old truck, back in 2008. I have always enjoyed the look of hydro wires for some reason - I sorta think they look like sewn-up scars on the landscape…..
The bottom 3rd of this piece has some wood attached and a metal bird looking on.
The quote itself is from Dr Seuss….and I enjoy it.
The camper and car are just cool……although I am not much of a camper, I DIG the aesthetic of those retro trailers!
What do you think?
LOVE it???
Come out on July 4-6 to see it in person. I GUARANTEE this one will not last the weekend!
Have a great week!

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